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Hot on the heels of the release of their acclaimed new album “Order of the Mind,” Georgia metal five-piece IRIST has announced that a recent recorded performance of “Burning Sage” and “Dead Prayers” for Magenta Musik 360’s Daheim Dabei Konzerte Series (Concerts At Home) will air today at 10:00AM PDT/1:00PM EDT at the locations below.

WATCH IRIST’S LIVE PERFORMANCE @ https://www.metal-hammer.de

The two tracks, “Burning Sage” and “Dead Prayers,” are featured on IRIST’s debut record Order of the Mind.” The live performances were recently recorded at Adam Mitchell’s (guitar/vocals) home studio amid the COVID-19 lockdown with the band adhering to social distancing protocols.

Commenting on the set, guitarist Pablo Davila says, “A few months ago, we were excited to go on tour and share this album with everyone. Now that the world has taken an unexpected turn, we are doing what we can to keep things rolling and share songs off of ‘Order of the Mind’ from home until we can share them on stage.”

More from “Order of the Mind”:

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At Home With The Band - https://youtu.be/_XAeWEW-nrc

“Burning Sage” Music Video - https://youtu.be/sYk7vOpLVgg

“Severed” Music Video - https://youtu.be/og7j43LCNgA

“Creation” Music Video - https://youtu.be/q1w8B22JIiw

The Making Of “Order of the Mind” Part 1 - Studio, Producer & Preparation - https://youtu.be/R3bPrpMrh74

The Making Of “Order of the Mind” Part 2 - Crafting The Music - https://youtu.be/wfK7cfDgCzA

The Making Of “Order of the Mind” Part 3 - Demoing, Tracking & Expectations - https://youtu.be/IJyWm3tWmvU

The Making Of “Order of the Mind” Part 4 - Lyrics & Album Themes - https://youtu.be/MHT1Pro6PKs

The Making Of “Order of the Mind” Part 5 - The Album Artwork - https://youtu.be/jbRFzyI--kQ

The Making Of “Order of the Mind” Part 6 – Personal Influences - https://youtu.be/8tTX8j3sQs8

Purchase your copy of "Order of the Mind here: nuclearblast.com/irist-ootm

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