INVICTUS, the new solo project spearheaded by Maurizio Iacono, lead singer of world-renowned death metal cult band Kataklysm and rising theatrical Roman-themed outfit Ex Deo, has signed to Entertainment One for the release of its debut full-length.

“I've explored many facets of the music business," says Iacono, "from performing, writing, and producing, to managing bands’ careers but I’ve never explored that deep down energy inside my thoughts that drive me to always compete and, in many ways, survive everything thrown at me. I’ve found that I’ve matured enough now to release something that I’ve been waiting to do for a long time and explore different musical lines within the metal world to bring a more personal touch to what I have been doing over the years. You will obviously find some fragments of Kataklysm in INVICTUS, but you will explore a completely new approach. I'm very excited and honored that eOne showed so much enthusiasm to sign this project and bring it to light. I look forward to this new chapter in my life together with this great label.”

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