IN COLD BLOOD release a new video

Staying true to their 1990's Cleveland Hardcore roots, In Cold Blood returns with a revamped line-up featuring scene veterans from classic Cleveland bands. New decade, same anger.

Formed in the mid-90's, In Cold Blood continues to represent the long history of a rich Cleveland heavy music scene that have turned out such legendary artists as Integrity, Ringworm and Chimaira. Known for their metallic brand of hardcore, In Cold Blood draw influences from both metal and hardcore that amalgamates into a gritty, dark and melodic formidable style.

2020 marks a new year for In Cold Blood. Reforming to bring a rejuvenated power-packed arsenal of aggression and fury. Setting in motion the quintet's first strike is their new single, "This Has To End" - an eerie inward reflection of the struggle to let go of the demons that consume one's ability forgive and forget.

Vocalist, Chops Torres speaks on the meaning of "This Has To End"; "The song touches on the themes of anger and frustration you feel when you can’t let go of the past that’s eating you up inside and preventing you from growing as a person".

"Undo the rage left dying inside All put to rest and left to die"

"This Has To End" will be released on November 27th through Blood Blast Distribution and Upstate Records.

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Legion of Angels - Fastbreak! Records (2019)

Blind Eyes/Straight Flush - A389 Recordings (2015)

Suicid King - A389 Recordings (2009)

Hell On Earth - Victory Records (1998)

In Cold Blood - self-released (1997)

In Cold Blood features past and present members of:

Integrity, One Life Crew, Ringworm, Crowd Deterrent, American Werewolves, Drowning, and The Static Wake

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