Undead & Unplugged Live FromThe Overlook Hotel

Acoustic EP Recorded Live At The Home Of The Shining

Out Friday, 26th June On Fearless Records And Will Be Available Here

Live Acoustic Video For


Out Now. Watch Here

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Photo Credit: Tina K

Friday, June 26th, 2020 - Horror themed, metalcore icons Ice Nine Kills have today announced the release of Undead & Unplugged Live From The Overlook Hotel - a five track acoustic EP recorded at their very special fan event in association with Colorado's 107.9 KBPI at The Stanley Hotel, more famously known as The Overlook Hotel from classic horror movie, The Shining. The EP will be released tomorrow, Friday June 26th and will be available here. Those who want to unlock the EP artwork early can do so by playing The Undead & Unplugged Unlock Maze - a special video game created by Ice Nine Kills that takes place in the maze of The Overlook Hotel. To play, click here For a taste of what to expect from Undead & Unplugged Live From The Overlook Hotel, Ice Nine Kills have released the the video for the stripped down version of Enjoy Your Slay which was inspired by The Shining and shot at the event. Find the video here or click the image below.

Amid a successful run on 2019’s SiriusXM Octane Accelerator Tour, Ice Nine Kills stopped at The Stanley Hotel to play set for small group of fans in Colorado from their chart topping album The Silver Scream. The hotel, was immortalized as The Overlook Hotel in the 1980 horror classic The Shining directed by Stanley Kubrick based on the novel by Stephen King written after he stayed there as a guest. For the very special fan event, the band transformed several songs into acoustic sing-a-longs including rock radio favorites A Grave Mistake & Savages and The Shining inspired Enjoy Your Slay. The Undead & Unplugged Live From The Overlook Hotel EP is a live recording of this intimate acoustic show. Speaking on the release of Undead & Unplugged From The Overlook Hotel, frontman and creative force behind Ice Nine Kills, Spencer Charnas says:

"We decided to release this EP now to celebrate the 40th anniversary of The Shining, one of the most influential horror movies of all time. As a life-long horror fan, I was thrilled when we were able to enlist the help of Stanley Kubrick's grandson, Sam to provide guest vocals on the original version of our track, Enjoy Your Slay and we were equally thrilled when The Stanley Hotel invited us to play in their infamous ballroom for this special, intimate, sold-out fan event.

The biggest highlight for me was getting to see the real Room 237 (217 in the book), the setting for one of the most terrifying scenes in The Shining. We got some intel from an employee who told us that whilst shooting Dumb and Dumber, which also features The Stanley Hotel, Jim Carey had insisted on staying in room 217 but got so freaked out on the first night, he had leave the room.

We'd like to thank 107.9 KBPI for helping to make this show a possibility and all the Colorado Psychos that came out to make this intimate, unplugged show so special."

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