Houston, Texas rock band Hindsight has announced the Sonic Afterglow Tour...

that began on May 11th in Trinity, Texas at Scheelbillies and concludes on June 15th in Houston, Texas at Concert Pub North.

The riff and percussion driven hard rock band Hindsight formed in Sugar Land, Texas at around the turn of the millennium with a group of young musicians desiring to make music that would both rock hard but melodically inspire the minds of an audience. Stylistically, Hindsight's music combines 90's alternative rock with modern heavy metal and metalcore.

Hindsight has previously played dates with bands Sevendust, Flyleaf, Fuel, Tantric, HED PE, Smile Empty Soul, Starset, Saving Abel, Drowning Pool, Devil You Know, Gemini Syndrome, Orgy, P.O.D., War of Ages, Super Bob, Art of Dying, Letters From The Fire, Everclear, Saliva, Mushroomhead, Stabbing Westward, and Crobot.






Hindsight is:

Brad Lambert - (Guitars, Vocals) Andrew Jastram - (Guitars) Lincoln LaCour - (Drums) Jesse James - (Bass)

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