Hear Austin's From Beyond Channel Queens of the Stone Age on New Song "Blooming Sun"

Revolver Premieres Electric New Track from Texas Sci-Fi Stoner Rock Unit

Austin, TX sci-fi stoner metal band From Beyond will release its new LP, The Band From Beyond, on May 11 via Candlelight Records / UMG. Recorded with producer Bryan Richie of The Sword, the album delivers 14 tracks that pulse with dark synths and doomy hooks and brim with booming guitars and Lovecraftian, vintage horror film feels. In advance of the record's release, Revolver premieres the new From Beyond track, "Blooming Sun", adding that the band pulls "inspiration from Sleep, Queens of the Stone Age, H.P. Lovecraft and the psychedelic horror films of the late Sixties and early Seventies." Stream From Beyond's "Blooming Sun" at this location.

   Formed in 2010, From Beyond plays heaving heavy music through towering stacks of amps while adding suspense-generating synthesizer segways that create atmospheres and moods that are both a throwback and oddly timeless. Segueing between eerie drones and heavy rock, the band's tracks offer a multiplex worth of possibilities, spanning moments of action, horror, discovery, and victory in its suite-like sweeps. The Band From Beyond is the follow-up to From Beyond's EP, The Color Out of Space, which was praised as "cinematic" (Houston Press) and its 2014 Scion AV split with Relapse Records recording artists ASG.

   A separate taste of From Beyond's musical palette can be sampled now as the band has released the new song "Laura". Dig into it now at this location.   With a tour history that includes gigs with The Sword, Purson, Truckfighters, and Saint Vitus, and festival shows alongside enigmatic acts such as Aphex Twin, John CarpenterS U R V I V E and SquarepusherFrom Beyond touches on multiple musical pressure points and makes new fans and believers the minute they step on the stage. It wouldn’t be surprising to catch them playing either The Mos Eisley Cantina or Coachella and totally tripping out everyone in the audience.

“When the original idea for the band came to fruition, I wanted to do something that was steeped in psychedelic horror," says bandleader Rob McCarthy. "Horror from the late sixties and early seventies was of particular interest to me. Films like 'Simon King of the Witches', 'Psychomania', and the work of Coffin Joe (Brazilian filmmaker José Mojica Marins) come to mind. At the same time, I love the scores for 'Escape from New York' and 'Halloween'. I got really into that sparse and minimal approach to synthesis. I wanted to bring those elements to music inspired by Queens of the Stone Age, Sleep, and the writing of H.P. Lovecraft.”

Track listing:

   1.) Invocation    2.) The Fall to Earth    3.) Blooming Sun (Revolver premiere)    4.) The Slip (listen HERE)    5.) Lost Way    6.) The Color Into Space    7.) The Color Out of Space    8.) Synthro    9.) At Midnight  10.) Laura (listen HERE)  11.) Machine Gun  12.) White Marble  13.) Black Mirror  14.) Synthia

   Pre-order The Band From Beyond at this location.

   From Beyond features Rob McCarthy (vocals, guitar, synth), Dave Grooman (guitar, effects), Brooks Willhoite (bass, synth, vocals) and Anthony Vallejo (drums, vocals). Follow the band on Facebook.

"a perfect blend of punchy and fuzzy...hypnotically groovy" - METAL INJECTION

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