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Fargo, North Dakota-based death/grind practitioners GORGATRON will unleash their pulverizing Pathogenic Automation full-length this August via Blood Blast Distribution.

Based on a "love of the riff" approach to writing and rooted in the oldschool stylings of death and thrash, the nine-track Pathogenic Automation was recorded by the band, mixed and mastered by GORGATRON guitarist Neal Stein (El Supremo, Egypt) and delivers a forty-one minute maelstrom of sonic brutality punctuated by a variety of introspective themes.

"Whenever I write lyrics, I usually focus on the rhythmic aspect first and then try to fit a theme into what I'm doing," elaborates vocalist Karl Schmidt. "Pathogenic Automation is no exception. I find the patterns and structures that work and begin to write. There is usually multiple meanings to the words that end up being lyrics. For example, the title track is about people forcibly being turned into robots. It's a farfetched idea, but since I used the wording I did, it could be translated into something way different than what I intended. There are a couple other tunes that have a more straight forward concept. Much of the record is centered on how there is so much potential for people in general to do amazing things, yet most choose not to. Every person that is born, has a chance to become someone amazing. So many people I meet/know lack something they are passionate about or lack some sense of purpose. I think more people need to take it upon themselves to become what they want to become and quit acting like somebody owes them something..."

In advance of the release of Pathogenic Automation, GORGATRON is pleased to unveil a video for first single "Imposter Syndrome." Comments bassist Cameron Dewald, "'Imposter Syndrome' is a sonic assault, from start to finish; just a punishing collection of riffs and blastbeats. It's even more punishing to play some nights! We have tested this tune out at a handful of metal fests in the last year or so and the crowd response at some points is louder than us playing! Which is one of the main reasons we chose to lead with this song. For the music video we teamed up with Chris Dasinger and Sylvester Sletten of Brutal Films. We had previously worked with them for our Mockumentary (Beyond The Blastbeats). They have a great eye for humor and brutality and did a phenomenal job despite filming some of the scenes in 15-degree weather and putting up with us shooting guns and blowing up a dummy for one of the five kill scenes. All in all, 'Impostor Syndrome,' in my opinion, both sonically and visually captures GORGATRON perfectly: serious brutal song writing while towing the lines of morbid humor."

View GORGATRON's amusing "Impostor Syndrome" video at THIS LOCATION.

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