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GIOELI-CASTRONOVO Release 'Set The World On Fire'!

"A devastatingly wonderful debut, on Set The World On Fire, Gioeli-Castronovo fearlessly composed one of the most impressive releases in recent memory."

-Cryptic Rock-

"A blueprint for Arena Rock, Set The World On Fire exemplifies all the fiery elements needed to conjure up great Rock songs."

-Cryptic Rock-

"The quality of production, writing, and the musicianship on this album makes it special."

-Overdrive Music Magazine-

"Every song on this album could be a hit; 12 songs worth of awesome."

-My Global Mind-

Today Gioeli - Castronovo have released their debut album, "Set The World On Fire" via Frontiers Music Srl.  This is first time that Johnny Gioeli and Deen Castronovo have played together since the release of the debut Hardline album in 1992.  25 years later, the two were reunited in Italy to commence work on the debut Gioeli-Castronovo album, "Set The World On Fire".

Order and stream "Set The World on Fire" here:

Gioeli's vocal talents combined with Deen's superb drumming abilities (and whom is also a fine vocalist in his own right) has made for a stunning album that is driving a driving hard rock record, while also chock full of uplifting melodies and poignant lyrical messages.

Watch videos from the new album below:


"Set the World On Fire"

For More Info Visit:

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