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I have been waiting for this night for many a month. One of my favorite bands to emerge on the scene in the past decade was coming back to my town and with no opening act I could only hope for something special to occur. And that it did as it was an unusual venue for an evening of GHOST, a stiff competition down the street at Golden 1 Center, the turnout for Ghost was a damn near sold out convention theater.

From the first song of Act 1, Rats, to the last song Life Eternal, the entire crowd was in a trance almost offering their soul to the mighty Lucifer that had been summoned by the Cardinal. Fans sang, cheered, and embraced the moments and on stage banter from the Cardinal in which is Draculian style swagger infects everyone in the building, including the ushers. The lights, grandiose staircase, additional stage musicians, costume changes, simple WOW!

15 Minute Intermission...

Act 2 kicks off with Spirit and this half is dominated by Meliora material including Mummy Dust, Majesty, and personal fave From The Pinnacle to the Pit as the drumming here is filled with groove and possesses a jam like vibe but is rock solid. What I did appreciate was that the last tour saw Ghost playing Square Hammer as the opener, tonight they move that to next to last as well as precede it with Dance Macabre and the restraint to not sprinkle one of those into Act 1 is a stroke of genius.

The dichotomy of the bands name, the image, and the, dare I say, less than ‘heavy’ heavy metal that emanates from this group is the perfect potion for success. And it’s one thing to listen to the band, but an entirely whole new level when it comes to the ritual of the live show. Their growth has been steady, the fan base builds, and more and more become converts on a daily basis and I am honored to have seen the sacrifice and ritual on this Tuesday evening in Sacramento!


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