GEORGE HARRIS of THE RAVEN AGE conversation with HardRockCore

HardRockCore had a conversation with GEORGE HARRIS (yes, the son of IRON MAIDEN bassist STEVE HARRIS but that is not mentioned in the interview at all) of THE RAVEN AGE while on a bus ride out of Montreal and many topics discussed and here are some key points for those who like to scroll...

0:42 being a bit hungover while on tour

2:00 how the current tour is treating THE RAVEN AGE

3:26 awareness of the band

4:50 playing with Anthrax, Tremonti, Killswitch Engage

6:35 lineup changes

9:20 missing family while on the road

10:40 football and friends

11:50 Alter Bridge and Shinedown tour

14:17 studio time, end of year gig, and possible stateside run in Q1 2020

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