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Los Angeles, CA - Quintessential Revelation Records punk band Gameface will release a new single, “I Owe You One,” 7” vinyl for Record Store Day on April 13th. The 7” will feature a b-side cover of Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers’ song “Two Gunslingers” from their classic album Into The Great Wide Open. The 7” release will follow with a digital release on April 26th. 

These are the first recordings since Gameface’s reunion album in 2014, Now Is What Matters Now. The songs came as a surprise to the band, who hadn’t intended to write or record any new material, but inspiration struck on the heels of their Japan tour in February of last year. Longtime friend and producer Eric Stenman invited the band up to his new studio in Malibu, CA (which has since been completely destroyed by the Woolsey Fire in November 18). A result of leftover momentum from the tour and decades of chemistry with band, “I Owe You One,” came together quickly in the studio.

“This is an anthem of gratitude and devotion. I hadn’t written a straight-up love song like this in a while and I think it’s up there with our best,” said Jeff Caudill (vocals/guitar).

The b-side, a Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers song, is poignant for two reasons. They are huge fans and were heartbroken (pun intended) to hear of his unexpected passing last year. The band chose to record “Two Gunslingers” because of its message of change, in light of our country’s mass shooting epidemic and sick obsession with guns. This is a Record Store Day exclusive release - available at participating stores on April 13th on limited edition yellow vinyl (only 500 pressed) on Revelation Records.

Digital release will follow on April 26th. 

The Southern California-based indie/emo/punk/rock band featuring Jeff Caudill (vocals, guitar), Todd D. Trout (guitar), Guy Julian (bass) and Steve Sanderson (drums), originally formed in the summer of 1990 and has since released six full-length albums and almost as many EPs, each carrying the band’s dynamic, distinctive sound that has gone on to influence countless bands over the years.

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