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One of the toughest parts of being in a working band is remaining true to yourself and making music that is uniquely you, while continuing to please your fan base. For 23 years and 12 studio albums (and counting) SoCal based throwbacks Fu Manchu (Fu) have done just that... With the release of "Clone of the Universe," Fu have maintained the formula that their loyal fan base continually craves, which is also true about their seemingly unaging powerhouse stage show.

Tonight Fu opened their 2018 tour schedule at the world famous Troubadour in WeHo (West Hollywood), in support of "Clone of the Universe." I'm not sure if it's been 2 years since their last show there, but it's been that for yours truly and it was like I saw them yesterday. "Father Time" has continually looked the other way for the fierce-some foursome.

The beauty of a band like Fu, is that their setlist flows one song to the next. Scott, a seasoned professional front man, knows when it's necessary to introduce the next song, make a mention after the song concludes, or when to let the music do the talking. I love it when a band is as proud of their current work as they are with their classics, Fu opened with #cloneofuniverse, pierced our ears with three blistering classic tracks of groove, back to a sure to be classic, (i'vebeen) #hexed. That was just the first third of the show, yes 15 earsplitting Fu classics. This show featured non stop Fu favorites: #dimensionshifter #californiacrossing, #hellonwheels #mongoose #kingoftheroad  There was another new track #nowherelefttohide amongst them as well... That was until the end!

The crowd sighed in disbelief that the evening was coming to and end so "quickly..." They were unaware that they were about to be treated to an epic closing number, previously unknown to the Fu faithful.... The evening initially concluded with their latest single "il Mostro Atomico," Italian for 18 mins of straight up badasstery, roughly translated of course!

After such ear candy the Fu brothers said goodnight and quickly ran upstairs to the greenroom, only to be pulled back downstairs to "hungry-for-more" Fu fans. To everyone's, un-expectant, sheer delight, there was not one, but two head bang'n hits still to be unleashed upon their home crowd... Can you say #wierdbeard !!!!

Both drummer Scott and lead vox/guitar Scott, bassist Brad, and lead guitarist Bob, ended the evening with the same energy they started with; pure unabashed guitar, bass, and skin bashing at it's finest. These un-aging retro-demons of desert, stoner, or whatever you wanna call it, rock proved once again, they are titans in their genre and it they don't look to be slowing down anytime soon.

A 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘 show to be sure!!!

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