FRONTIERS 1,000th release

Frontiers Records' President Serafino Perugino has reason to be in tremendous spirits these days as the label he founded, along with the help of his late father, Fernando Perugino, released their 1000th album on Friday, December 6th (Edge Of Forever’s “Native Soul”). To mark this landmark occasion, Perugino issued a detailed statement to fans of the label's start, current state, and the outlook for the future. Read it in full on Frontiers' Facebook:

In his statement, Perugino tells the story of the humble beginnings of the label and about his meetings with the artists that have shaped his personal enthusiasm and dedication towards the music and his work, with stories about some of the brilliant artists who have graced the label's catalog with their releases. There is also insight into some of the main people who helped contribute to the label’s growth on the international market, like the partnership with Now & Then Records and the opening of the business in the U.S. market.

In addition, the label’s President and head of A&R offers his vision for the future of the label and strategic development for the years to come. Frontiers has and will continue to embrace the exciting new technologies that are emerging to help put the music in front of fans. He also addresses the label's goal to bring fresh, new talent to the rock and metal genres. In particular, he mentions that the label has started and will continue to expand the musical genres under the Frontiers' umbrella and, as they have always done, embrace acts from around the globe. The plan - already in action - is to shift the label’s focus from established acts to young, motivated, talented, and determined musicians who are not scared to work their asses off and tirelessly pursue a mission to be the next big thing in rock and/or metal. The label will of course continue to work with established acts and not move on completely from that, but there is no denying the future has arrived and more than ever, youngsters need to share the spotlight.

There are ambitious plans to expand upon this concept and Frontiers aims to become a natural and logical choice for emerging new talent to call home.

"Frontiers 2.0 starts now - the foundations of ROCK have been built, the future is now,” concludes Serafino Perugino, in a call to exciting new rock and metal artists from everywhere around the world to join the Frontiers' family.

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