FRANKIE BANALI of QUIET RIOT takes a call from HardRockCore

FRANKIE BANALI of QUIET RIOT took time out of his day to speak with HardRockCore about all things happening in his world – see timestamps below for topics that might catch your interest. Be sure to check out the conversation about METAL HEALTH, the Spanish version on Cassette.

0:43 Playing to a click track

2:21 Hollywood Cowboys

3:45 Cassette & Photo versus Airbrushed & Autotuned

5:00 3 Criticisms

6:30 100% Live album

7:45 Motivation with streaming

9:40 Music Accessibility

10:48 Cancer Diagnosis

13:00 Return of Jizzy Pearl

14:15 Metal Health – the cassette from Mexico

18:00 Thanking the fans

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