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Canadian rock powerhouse FORTUNATE LOSERS have released their new EP Tidal Waves, out now through Golden Robot Records, featuring their recent singles, Fascist and title track, Tidal Waves. Diving deep into various rock genres, radiating vibes of Alice In Chains, Filter, Bush and Led Zeppelin, the EP also includes two other monster tracks Lost City and Knuckles. Signed in late 2019 to Golden Robot Records (part of the Golden Robot Global Entertainment Group), FORTUNATE LOSERS released their first single Tidal Waves back in March. Tidal Waves is a soaring rock track highlighted by the Richard Patrick-esque vocals of Devon Cox. Winding its way through an intricate and atmospheric yet authentic rock journey, it will drag you along for the ride.

WATCH: Official Video for Tidal Waves

Tidal Waves was followed up by second single Fascist. A stark contrast to the previous single, it sees the band shine in a new light, into a more deep, intense ballad-esque state. Devon Cox’s emotional vocals cut through and you can hear the genuine sincerity in his delivery. Fascist showcases the versatility in this highly talented and up and coming rock act.

WATCH: Official Video for 'Fascist'

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