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Eleven years has gone by fast since Appointment With Death came out...

...from Los Angeles’ own LIZZY BORDEN. That album featured guitar wizardry of DAVE MENIKETTI (Y&T), GEORGE LYNCH (DOKKEN, KXM), and COREY BEAULIEU (TRIVIUM). I felt Lizzy had a solid album in 2007 but now we are given the latest offering that will hit streets June 15 with MY MIDNIGHT THINGS.

WOW! The first track which is the title track has a very catchy chorus that begs to be played on the European Festival circuit as I can imagine the crowd bouncing with their hands in the air and that follows with the 2nd song Obsessed With You. Long May They Haunt Us has an almost STATUS QUO, CHEAP TRICK meets The BAY CITY ROLLERS type vibe with a modern edge. What really impresses me on this release is how Lizzy’s voice, dynamics, characters, and layering has suited the music better than ever before and his voice in the past could almost get eerily annoying but he’s far from that point on this release. In fact, the reprise of the title track (stripped down with Piano and Strings) showcase his vocal prowess. With the music, there’s nothing not well thought out as the songs are focused, never over-indulgent, and cut to the chase to present the theme, melody, and entice the listener.

I just had the conversation two weeks ago with someone that these ‘legacy’ bands are putting out some of their best material to date and MY MIDNIGHT THINGS is falling into that category. A legacy act known more for the stage theatrics rather than the song. But with this release and following the successful APPOINTMENT WITH DEATH and its song structure, Lizzy is primed to put out one of his strongest, if not THE strongest record of his career. A simple 10-song effort that is focused on catching your interest and keeping you there for the full ride!



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