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Dropout Kings Release“Something Awful” Video!

“The Dropout Kings’ sound amalgamates heavy metal with elements of hip-hop and alt rock... at this moment in time they pump out kick-ass music full of sonic flamboyance hard to resist.” -

When you take a group of six degenerates from all over Arizona and put them under one roof, the results are proven dangerous. After the dust settled from this eruption, out came DROPOUT KINGS.


2018 saw the release of the debut album "AudioDope" via Napalm Records. Today the band releases a new video for the track "Something Awful." Watch the video HERE.

The band comments on the song and their future touring plans:

This song is about overcoming the voice inside your head that tells you you’re not good enough. It’s about accepting what you are and being okay with that. We have some tours coming up this summer so keep your eyes peeled!


Adam Ramey - Vocals

Eddie Wellz - Vocals

Chucky Guzman - Guitar

Staig Flynn - Guitar

Rob Sebastian - Bass

Trevor Norgren – Drums

For More Info On DROPOUT KINGS visit:

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