"This one's a love song... you can dance if you want to."

If you know this phrase, odds are you've seen Doyle most recently on his As We Die Abominator Tour.

I had the opportunity to see the show, my last show of 2018, at The Foundry here in Philadelphia last week.

Most of you know Doyle from his time in the legendary punk band The Misfits with fellow bandmates Glenn Danzig, drummer Manny Martinez, and brother Jerry Only. Known for his muscular build, black and white makeup, and infamous 'devilock' hairstyle; Doyle is a force to be reckoned with. Since the multiple dissolutions and reformations of many The Misfits reincarnations, guitarist Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein has developed his own creation entitled Doyle.

Although the band has had a few changes since its creation in 2012, the current line-up consists of Von Frankenstein on guitar of course, Alex "Wolfman" Story on vocals, Brandon Strate on bass, and Wade Murff on drums. Together the band has released two records entitled, Abominator (2013) and Doyle II: As We Die (2017).

The band recently played their last show of the tour in support of the 2017 release As We Die, and have performed in front of punk and metal audiences across the United States. There is only way way to describe the intense high energy show Doyle brings to stages. It's a true, intense, raw punk show from beginning to end.

Although the main attraction for the group is Doyle himself; vocalist Alex "Wolfman" Story brings everything to the next level. From his mutton chops to his rough vocals, his stage presence is 'dare I say' very Danzig-esque. He without a doubt commanded the stage during the performance, even climbing onto the rails above the stage and quite literally was hanging from the rafters. Bassist Brandon Strate fits right in onstage. Although he spent most of the performance lurking in the shadows, he is a perfect component to Doyle's punk vibe. Wade Murff, the newest member joining the band in 2017, also does his part—carrying the music along as they move from one hard hitting track to the next.

The only aspect of the show that I was a little shocked at was the length of the set; the band played for around 45 minutes. I was personally expecting a little longer as the band does have two albums of material as well as Doyle's Misfits' catalog. Their set list does include around twelve songs, but it was a little surprising as headlining bands usually tend to play around hour or more sets. Not necessarily negative—just an observation.

All in all, if you're looking for a gritty, raw punk show straight out of the late seventies, Doyle is your band. Even though this tour has ended—we all know this won't be the last time Doyle hits the stage. Be sure to keep an eye on their website linked HERE so you don't miss any upcoming TBA dates.

All Photos by Sydney Taylor


1. Abominator

2. Beast Like Me

3. HeadHunter

4. Valley of Shadows

5. Witchcraft

6. DreamingDeadGirls

7. Cemeterysexxx

8. We Belong Dead

9. Mark of the Beast

10. Virgin Sacrifice

11. Kiss Me As We Die

12. Hope Hell Is Warm

Sydney Taylor

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