January 13, 2018

Dorothy Martin, more commonly known as the singer for the Los Angeles based rock band Dorothy, a rather recent addition to the rock scene blew Philadelphia away at her performance at the Theater Of The Living Arts on January 13th. The 31-year-old singer is currently out on her 2018 Freedom Tour and is about to release her second studio album, ’28 Days In The Valley’ on which she worked on with Linda Perry this March.

Before walking into this show, I didn’t know very much about Dorothy. I had heard a couple of her tracks, had seen a couple of photos, but that was about it. But one of the very reasons that I knew Martin’s name was due to the unbelievably talent so many had been telling me she was. Friends and even my family continued to rave about Martin’s vocal abilities, as well as her incredibly catchy song-writing. I was incredibly anxious prior to this show to see what everyone had been raving about. 

The TLA, short for the Theater Of The Living Arts, was pretty packed, the show almost entirely sold out. The demographic at this show was very wide. Ages ranging from young children to those in their middle age. One of the greatest things to see at this show was a young girl, about the age of 6 or 7 front row, right against the barricade, singing along to Dorothy’s music. Her little hands shaped into the ‘horns’ and promptly raised up into the air. Seeing things like that make me believe rock and metal will be living on for quite some time.

Dorothy hit the stage, incense or something of the like burning in her hand, and the wind machine blowing her long, styled hair, truly making her look like the rock and roll goddess everyone had told me about. Dorothy tore through the setlist, her voice truly blowing me away with every note sung. She sang obvious fan favorites like ‘After Midnight’, ‘Raise Hell’. and ‘Down To The Bottom’, as well as tracks like ‘Philadelphia’ (ironically sung right here in the City of Brotherly Love), ‘Black Tar And Nicotine’, and many more.

As I stated above, Martin herself seriously blew me away. Not many artists can sound near identical to the way they sound on the record, but Dorothy DOES. The band was tight, and overall the show is one that I would recommend everyone to see even if you are not already a huge Dorothy fan. I promise you’ll be one on your way out! It won’t be long until Dorothy becomes a selling-out arena, and stadium act, that’s for sure. 

You can catch Dorothy on the Freedom 2018 Tour happening NOW. You can also look out for the release of Dorothy’s new record, ’28 Days In The Valley’ coming out this March, as well as the single, ‘Flawless’ that was just released last week. 

Don’t forget to let us know what you think of Dorothy, and if you’ve seen her, what you thought of her show!

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