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One and a half years after the release of her extremely successful double album Forever Warriors, Forever United (#1 in the German vinyl charts, #4 in the album charts), metal queen DORO Pesch has already started working on material for a new album.

"Since February, I've been back in the studio in the USA. There are some pretty awesome things happening in these writing sessions“, DORO reveals.

After DORO's new single "Brickwall" was released digitally on June 26th, the single is now also available on 7'' vinyl.

Order it physically here:

Also watch the video for "Brickwall"

"'Brickwall' is a harbinger for the upcoming album, that will be released in 2021"DOROexplains. „I want to give my fans a taste of what it's going to be like – and the song also fits quite well with these dark times.“  And that's why: „The lyrics are about unbreakable, unconditional love for a person in deep trouble. Even though it isn't always easy to deal with that person, you still do everything to support them and get through the dark time's side by side – even if you literally have to tear down walls.

'Brickwall' was recorded in Hamburg together with Andreas Bruhn (Ex-THE SISTERS OF MERCY) and is now available as colored 7“ Vinyl in gold and silver and now also blue Vinyl.

"The b-side will feature a great live version of Soldier Of Metal"DORO promises. "The song was recorded during our recent Forever Warriors tour in winter, where the song was celebrated by the fans every single evening. It's supposed to help fans remember the feeling of a live show and raise anticipation for the next tour, that can hopefully start this autumn.

You can catch DORO live tomorrow, on August 1st at her drive-in cinema show. The show will be streamed via

Get "Brickwall" digitally here:

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DORO live: 

01.08.   D            Bühl – Drive-In

21.08.   D            Mönchengladbach - Strandkorb Open Air 

05.09.   A            Innsbruck - Wildstyle & Tattoo Messe

19.09.   A            Salzburg - Wildstyle & Tattoo Messe

26.09.   A            Wien - Wildstyle & Tattoo Messe

04.11.   D            Hamburg - Große Freiheit 36

06.11.   D            Oberhausen - Turbinenhalle

07.11.   NL          Leeuwarden - Neushoorn

08.11.   B            Antwerp - Trix

10.11.   F             Paris - La Maroquienerie

11.11.   CH          Pratteln - Z7

13.11.   D            Winterbach - Salierhalle

14.11.   D            Ingolstadt - Eventhalle Westpark

17.11.   UA          Lviv - Malevich Club

18.11.   PL           Warsaw - Proxima

20.11.   D            Neuruppin - Kulturhaus

21.11.   D            Vacha - Vachwerk

22.11.   D            Frankfurt - Batschkapp

2021 Tour Dates:

DORO + Special guest KING CREATURE

30.04.  FIN        Helsinki - Kulttuuritalo

06.05.  D           Lübeck - Kulturwerft Gollan

07.05.  D           Osnabrück - Hyde Park

08.05.  D          Wetzlar - Eventwerkstatt

09.05.  D          Memmingen - Kaminwerk

11.05.  D          Jena - F-Haus

12.05.  D          Görlitz - Kulturbrauerei

13.05.  D          Heidelberg - Halle 02

05.06.  CZ          Plzen - Metalfest

15.07.  D            Duisburg - Stadtfest

16.07.  D            Leipzig - Parkbühne

17.07.  D            Wertheim - Burgrock


Order Forever Warriors // Forever Unitedhere:

More on Forever Warriors // Forever United:

Watch a video of Doro accepting the "Angel Of Rock" award, here:



"If I Can't Have You No One Will 'OFFICIAL VIDEO:


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