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It’s a Thursday afternoon and after some morning appointments and an awesome lunch with a stroll down the R Street Corridor, it’s time to venture in to the Ace Of Spades for The Disease Of The Anima Tour which has a 6pm start time…..EARLY!

New Jersey’s own, UNCURED hit the stage to a surprisingly more than expected number of fans since this was a super early start time. The brothers COX (Rex and Zak) bring their axes up front and the sound crushes and they are off. While I was shooting from the photo pit for their first 3 songs, after the 4th their set was all over as it was a 20-minute set. While definitely too short, not the rapper, I enjoyed what I saw and heard and await the opportunity to see this 4-piece again when they make it my way as I was impressed with them in the live setting.

Following Uncured was TOOTHGRINDER and while shooting them from the pit as well, they had a more ‘polished’ sound and definitely a bit more image conscious. I don’t recall anything that stood out that was ‘catchy’ but they definitely had their craft down to a T. Up next was BAD OMENS yet I had to miss the majority of their set due to conducting an interview but what I did see upon my return into the venue was another polished foursome who had keys and programming coming from the old hard drive. Toothgrinder and Bad Omens were a compliment to each other.

Hailing from Italy, our friends in LACUNA COIL hit the stage next in the co-headliner slot and with red lights behind them, they brought their mix of Symphonic Rock with Dual Vocals to downtown Sacramento and it’s quite the evolution this band has had in their career trimming down members, adding makeup to the musicians, and getting heavier over time. What’s truly special here is that they have grown in their songwriting, their lyricism, and their stage presentation earning them Best Live Band honors. While their level of success across the Atlantic far surpasses their level here in the States, that does not sway their passion for laying down a set full of classics (do you really think the US will choose Swamped over Heaven’s A Lie lol) and newer tracks and engulfing their career. I applaud LC for not being ‘too big’ to take a co-headline slot and what I did notice was that some of their fanbase left after they played. Hats off to the Italians here for growing in their career, their energy and the ability to bring it live, even more so now than in the past. Next time, we need an interview – what do you say, LC?

ALL THAT REMAINS closed out the bill and despite their lineup changes over the years, they still remain focused on their craft and have a precision tight sound that is their own. I have seen ATR numerous times over the years at festivals, as openers, and as headliners and each time they give it their all. Chiron, Blood I Spill, and Hold On are all true to album form and their fans sing along to every word of every song with a hard to match amount of passion from their fans.


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