Detroit, Michigan Classic Rock Band TROUT Releases Self-Titled Record Through Rouge Records!

Detroit, Michigan classic rock band TROUT has released their self-titled record to digital outlets, as well as on vinyl through Rouge Records. The band will be playing Small’s Bar in Hamtramck, MI. on December 28, 2018.

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Formed in the northernmost reaches of the Detroit area, TROUT’s eponymous debut LP provides true credence to the soul of rock music. This isn’t a band wearing “vintage” on its sleeve like it’s a Halloween costume-- their classic swagger is seemingly effortless and carries a very tangible authenticity that cannot be denied. TROUT’s vocalist and lead guitarist Pete Geloso leads the band through flashes of blues, soul, R&B, and hard rock that puts their sound alongside a wide array of classic and modern acts such as Grand Funk Railroad, Natural Child and Blue Cheer.

The LP was recorded as a power trio consisting of Geloso, bassist Kyle Grawbarger and drummer Kyle Shelest, although the group has since added frequent collaborator Scott Jasmund into the fold as an additional guitarist and organist.

With the release of the LP, TROUT sets their sights on continuing their rapidly developing sound with even more in 2019.

TROUT is: Pete Geloso (Guitar/Vocals) Kyle Grawbarger (Bass) Scott Jasmund (Organ) Kyle Shelest (Drums)

Upcoming Dates: Dec 28 - Small’s Bar Hamtramck, MI

Track Listing: ​1. Invisible Wound 2. Mean Woman Algonac Blues 3. Red Flag Blues 4. The Great Southern Psycho Dance 5. It Happens Every Night 6. I Can Count On You 7. No Use In Wondering Why 8. Flames

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