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DEATH ANGEL go acoustic

Bay Area thrash giants DEATH ANGEL recently released a new EP titled "Under Pressure," featuring their stunning take on rock legends QUEENDAVID BOWIE's iconic song of the same name. The EP also includes the new original song, "Faded Remains," and two newly recorded acoustic versions of "Revelation Song" and "A Room With A View." In a new trailer released today, guitarist Rob Cavestany and vocalist Mark Osegueda discuss their stripped down rendition of the fan favorite track "A Room With A View."


https://youtu.be/djYtOrXHZgs STREAM "A ROOM WITH A VIEW" (ACOUSTIC): https://youtu.be/CdNCCoueeGY

Guitarist Rob Cavestany comments on the song: 

"I’m pleased to bring “A Room With A View” back from the past as one of the tracks on our new “all acoustic” EP.  We rarely play it live these days, despite being one of our most popular and requested songs.  30 years after it was initially released on our 3rd album “Act III”,  it felt natural to play during these isolated times, staring out of my studio window, pondering the fate of humanity.  I hope both our old school and new fans will enjoy this stripped down version."

More From "Under Pressure" EP: "Under Pressure" (Official Video): https://youtu.be/-hCy1Y5_-k8 Death Angel Discuss "Under Pressure" (Official Trailer)https://youtu.be/C0fyn8P1bbA Stream "Under Pressure" EPwww.nuclearblast.com/deathangel-underpressure

DEATH ANGEL are celebrating the continued success of their latest album “Humanicide,” which was one of 2019's most critically praised metal records and nominated for a “Best Metal Performance" GRAMMY AWARD. 

More from “Humanicide”:

“The Pack” (Lyric Video): https://youtu.be/p4dTl9CI3uU

“Humanicide” (Visualizer): https://youtu.be/OVDEMDxNNrQ

Humanicide" (Guitar Playthrough): https://youtu.be/C5VwlqcQXnE

“I Came For Blood” (Music Video): https://youtu.be/BNuliOVJ8O8

"Immortal Behated" (Musicl Video)https://youtu.be/KNLWwg4F90o

Album Trailer #1 - Writing “Humanicide”: https://youtu.be/Xmj54V4T2jQ

Album Trailer #2 - Working with producer Jason Suecof: https://youtu.be/M1BGfLzfCrc

Album Trailer #3 – “Humanicide” Cover Art & Wolf Trilogy:https://youtu.be/k72JuA8zVYM

Album Trailer #4 - About “The Pack”: https://youtu.be/K8EqMaAdOw8

Album Trailer #5 - The Album That Made You Want To Become A Musician: https://youtu.be/fADfyLcHk3A

Album Trailer #6 - Lyrical Concepts On “Humanicide”: https:https://youtu.be/ITm1-rzDNIk//youtu.be/JadfrHfL6j8

Album Trailer #7 - Consuming Music Now vs Then:https://youtu.be/ITm1-rzDNIk

Album Trailer #8 - Mark Osegueda's Stand Out Tracks On “Humanicide”:https://youtu.be/CSV5Dm4QqNA

Album Trailer #9 - “Alive & Screaming” The Ted Aguilar Song On “Humanicide”:https://youtu.be/0S3VrRzipxE

Purchase & Stream Humanicide here: Nuclearblast.com/deathangel-humanicide


Rob Cavestany | lead guitar/vocals

Mark Osegueda | lead vocals

Ted Aguilar | rhythm guitar

Will Carroll | drums

Damien Sisson | bass

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