Danny De La Rosa premiered his video game themed music video for single "It's Alright It's Okay" off of his latest album 12 Weekends on v13.net.

The video can be seen here: https://v13.net/2020/05/watch-danny-de-la-rosas-video-game-themed-its-alright-its-ok-video-premiere/

"This song is from the perspective of a straight laced moralistic guy that is hanging out with a girl that likes to party and raise hell. The guy is trying to change her to be his idea of normal and trying to push “maybe just wine on Sundays listening to Coldplay” instead of constantly drinking and embarrassing him. He ends up realizing he cant change her and he has to stop wasting his time. The album has an extended version of this song with a cool blues breakdown" says Danny De La Rosa.

This visual story of the song takes place in a video game world created by video editor Miras Orazbekov.

From the very beginning, Danny De La Rosa has been drawn to play the melodies he hears constantly in his head. “There was something about a distorted guitar and melodies that caught my attention at a very early age. It subconsciously and consciously pulled me in.” Music and Danny are magnets that just attract. Songwriter, self-taught guitarist Danny De La Rosa left the band Babylon A.D. in 2017 and began working on his own personal development: writing his own style of music, learning and playing the instruments and establishing his own brand of Hard Rock-Pop. It has always been Danny’s dream to establish his own sound. “Writing and recording is my passion. I constantly hum and have melodies in my head. I can’t wait to record a second album as I have it written already.” It took twelve weekends of travel to record his music at the American Made Studios in Fresno, California. Hence, Danny’s debut solo album is titled 12 Weekends.

The results of Danny’s journey have been pleasing. His first single, co-produced with Marc Kapetan, “Acid Flame” came out on December 20th. Danny De La Rosa has already established his directive as he auditioned and jammed with the band KISS when Ace Frehley left the band. In addition, while at Arista Records, Danny had three of the songs he wrote chosen by record mogul Clive Davis. All three charted brilliantly on the radio. Clearly, Danny De La Rosa’s passion for music will continue to keep growing.

When it comes to making music Danny De La Rosa is still learning and growing on his journey as he writes and records his brand and style; creating music that falls in between the realm of Cheap Trick and a little hard rock Beatles’esc’ sound.

12 Weekends can be purchased here: https://ffm.to/12weekends

Danny De La Rosa Acid Flame: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XsLGcOpUJa4 Danny De La Rosa "Third Wheel Man": https://youtu.be/MhpMgy9tEZU

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