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Dance Gavin Dance have shot to the top of the charts once again following the physical release of their latest album, Afterburner (out now on Rise Records). The album has hit the #1 spot on Billboard's Vinyl, Internet, Alternative, Rock, Hard Music and Independent Current Albums as well as hitting #3 on the Top Albums, Top Current Albums charts and re-entering the Top 200 at #47 (having originally debuted at #14 when the digital-only version was released). The album has sold the equivalent of nearly 60,000copies in the US alone since its digital release back in April and has clocked up 51million streams worldwide and can be found here.

Dance Gavin Dance celebrated the physical release of Afterburner with a very special streamed, pro-shot, multi camera Album Release Show to which 9000 fans bought a ticket and witnessed the band play a hit-heavy setlist featuring some of the new songs from Afterburner live for the very first time. The band also unveiled the brand new music video for track One In A Million. Directed by Rob Shaw (Portlandia, At The Drive In), the animated short takes viewers on a weird and wonderful psychedelic adventure. Watch the videohere or by clicking on the image below.

Dance Gavin Dance were faced with a difficult choice back in April when the release date for their 9th studio album was set. They could either push back the release date altogether in order to allow for the COVID-19 induced manufacturing shut-down and release the album both digitally and physically or, give fans the album they had been waiting patiently to hear and go ahead with a digital only release on the agreed date, forfeiting the sizeable physical pre-order sales contribution to their week 1 chart positions. The band chose their fans over a chart position and released the digital-only version of the album on April 24th. In a hugely impressive turn of events, Dance Gavin Dance once again proved their undeniable popularity as Afterburner (Rise Records) soared straight to the top of the charts hitting #1 across the Current Album, Alternative, Digital, Rock and Heavy Rock charts and #14 on the Billboard Top 200. This certifiable success has been further cemented today as the physical release of the album once again propels Afterburner to the top of the charts.

The long-awaited physical release of 'Afterburner' finally dropped on Friday (July 10th) with an exclusive double disc CD with instrumental versions of all songs from the album available only from Target and exclusive vinyl variants from both Urban Outfitters and FYE, rocketing the critically acclaimed album back to the top of the charts. The full variety of merch bundles available here

Dance Gavin Dance's ninth studio album, Afterburner, which has already clocked up 51 million streams worldwide since release, was produced by the group’s frequent collaborator, Kris Crummett, (Issues, Sleeping With Sirens, Mayday Parade) and Drew Fulk a.k.a. WZRD BLD (Lil Wayne, Motionless in White, Bad Wolves). The album is a landmark mission statement that encompasses DGD energy past, present, and future. It is a killer and dynamic demonstration of what the quintet does best, and is equal parts aggressive, melodic, and unrestrained, and has been met with high critical acclaim.

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