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Album out worldwide this Friday!

Gothenburg, Sweden –CVLT Nation is hosting the exclusive full-album stream of New York’s avant-garde black metal outfit IMPERIAL TRIUMPHANT’s vinyl version of Inceste, which drops worldwide this Friday (3/23).

Check out the full album on CVLT Nation at the link below and if you’re in the New York area catch the band live on Friday, April 6 when they play with Krallice at the Mercury Lounge. Show details and tickets HERE.

The single LP edition of the album, released by Swedish underground label Temple of Torturous, includes 4 new B-side tracks, a simple jacket with reverse-side printing, and will be limited to a total of 300 copies worldwide with 200 copies pressed on standard black vinyl and 100 copies pressed on clear vinyl (label exclusive).

Track Listing for LP Edition of Inceste:

1. Libertine

2. Kaleidoscopic Orgies

3. Oblivion in Morsels

4. Breath of Innocence

5. Krokodil (Chorus)

6. Nefertiti (Miles Davis - Bass Cover)

7. Breath of Innocence (Chorus)

8. la douleur exquise (The Exquisite Pain)

Pre-orders for Inceste on vinyl are available in the following locations:



T-shirt bundle with BLACK Vinyl (limited quantities

Inceste was recorded at Amy Mills Studios and Solitude Studios, mixed and mastered by Colin Marston at Menegroth, The Thousand Caves, and initially released digitally and on CD on April 15, 2016 via Redefining Darkness Records. The album cover was crafted with the help of NY artist/photographer Alex Krauss.

"Baroque, haunting and mentally unwell, pick this up and then everything else they’ve done." Decibel Magazine

“Imperial Triumphant make black metal that has been described as ‘mentally unwell,’ ‘dangerous,’ ‘haunting’ and ‘bizarre,’ so we can’t recommend this album enough!” CVLT Nation

“Imperial Triumphant continue to deliver frantic odes to death that never rest and endlessly rage into fits of madness.” No Clean Singing

“It is musically incredibly impressive, and the world could stand to spend less time with their fingers in their ears and blinders on… If you're a vinyl collector, definitely pick this one up today.” 9/10 Metal Trenches

“In a sea of bands that are trying to be both dangerous and unorthodox, Imperial Triumphant are one of the few that actually succeed.” Metal Sucks

“At times downright terrifying (which is no easy feat these days) and other points equally sadistic, Imperial Triumphant bring you into a gripping vision of madness in a way that no other band is really attempting.” 9/10 Dead Rhetoric

“I’m impressed with how many twists they navigate while never sacrificing the mood for thrill.” Teeth of the Devine

"A mad, confusing cacophony of bizarre riffs, weird time changes, and wonderfully prominent yet strange bass lines, all the while enhanced by a certain air of authenticity."

Personnel on Inceste:

Ilya - Vocals, Guitars, Orchestration

Growhowski - Drums

Blanco - Bass, Keyboards

Cohen - Drums

Malave - Bass, Additional Vocals

Ulrich Krieger - Saxophone

Yoshiko Ohara - Choir/Screams

Sarai Chrzanowski - Soprano Voice

Julie Castro - Alto Voice

Aaron Kruziki - Tenor Voice

Stressor - Additional Vocals

Ilbastos - Additional Vocals

Max Gorelick - Additional Vocals


Also Available Now from Temple of Torturous:

Aluk Todolo - “Archives Vol. 1” LP

Atavismo - “Inerte” CD / LP

Below the Sun - “Alien World” CD

The Soundbyte - “Solitary IV” CD / LP

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