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HOLY DIVER – Crobot / Aeges / Like Machines / The Jab / Cold Shoulder

Sacramento, CA 2.9.2020

It’s a Sunday night and the location is Holy Diver and yes, RONNIE JAMES DIO would be mighty proud of what this venue does to support music and keep it alive. Getting there late in the afternoon so we could have a couple of conversations (CROBOT and LIKE MACHINES – to be posted on YouTube once edited) was a pure delight and seeing the friendly staff (i.e. Simon, Chris, Steve, etc.) and hanging out is always on point. And that Big Four Pizza is quite tasty.


Enough of that let’s talk music and keep it simple and to the point. Heading up stairs I was only expecting 4 bands but there was a 5th with opener with locals COLD SHOULDER. Very impressed with these youngsters and as they evolve their songwriting and balance the image and become better acquainted with the live forum they will be a force as there is true promise here.Up next was THE JAB who come from the Windy City and might have been a bit mismatched on this bill as they were a better fit at a small venue specializing in a ‘less distortion’ environment but there’s no denying they had a cool vibe about them, but just not for this evenings festivities, in my opinion. Highlight for me was their 60-second trip to THE STOOGES with I Wanna Be Your Dog.


Atlanta’s power trio of Like Machines followed and DAMN, these guys kick ass live! Guitar tones = Check! Bass Tones = Check! Drum Grooves = Check! Their sound is heavy, can easily cross genre lines and should be played on 98Rock. By the way, come on 98Rock, we need your support for these awesome rock bands that come to town. The sounds that these guys produce is thick and is groove laden and you can’t help but nod your head and find the groove. Although young in their years as a band, there is a level of confidence coming from the stage of that of a seasoned band. And you will have to watch the interview to find out which two famous producers they just recorded with. But if the studio tracks are anywhere near as cool as these guys were tonight, those tracks are going to be absolute monsters! Like Machines? Should be Love Machines, and no, don’t take that literally!


AEGES followed suit and although I have seen their name for a while, I had not been exposed to their sound prior to tonight and it was something to my liking when you have a drummer pounding the skins and able to mix double-kick patterns under the sonic attack that could carry them into different realms of the atmosphere. And it seems like there may have been some studio fun for these guys the day after so stay tuned to see what comes next.


Crobot! WOW! What can be said about these guys? They banter with the crowd during the songs and in between. They kick off the set by, well, not kicking off the set with what looks a bit like ‘who’s on first’ but then they settle it and kick into the groove. And groove it does as singer BRANDON YEAGLEY is a force to be reckoned with as the only serious thing coming from him is his voice. Stage moves that are unpredictable as one minute he’s busting the ‘Cabbage Patch’ dance then the next he’s ‘Picking Cherries’ and then he’s pushing that mic stand away only to be pulled back by the mic cable. He is entertaining, engaging, and a true showman and that is sorely missing from rock n’ roll these days, so Thank You for bringing it back. The camaraderie and joy on their faces as they laugh at each other is unrivaled. Whether they are playing tracks like Keep Me Down or Burn, or even paying homage to RJD with Man On The Silver Mountain, this band, despite their comical banter, is on a different level than most other bands in their genre today. Their playing is tight, the vocals have range and are memorable, and the vibe is enough to bring everyone together when watching them perform. A must see and yes, merch was purchased as well!



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