Corrosion of Conformity Crowbar Weedeater Mothership sell out Slim's SF


San Francisco, Ca

Feb 1, 2019

As the lights when down in the city… Oh wait, never mind it was still daylight when I arrived back to the place, I called home three different times. First trip to Slim's however.

The night began with a great interview with Kirk of Crowbar along with fellow guitarist and drummer, thanks Robyn, for working with Earsplit PR getting this scheduled, the guys were very accommodating and made us feel right at home.

Jumping out from the bus and into Slim’s was a breeze and the staff were helpful and made it easy running in and out in the early goings. The venue is a great venue, just a tad bit difficult to move around once the crowd gets in the groove and packed in. Glad there was another exit when it was time to shut down for the evening.

One of my favorite bands from Psycho Vegas 2017 was Texas born Mothership, a three-piece featuring brothers Kyle Juett on bass/lead vocals, Kelley Juett on guitar/vocals, and monster truck chested Judge Smith on drums these guys are proud and loud carrying on the rich tradition of 70’s American/NWOBHM music… Of course, with a modern heaviness to please modern fans.

Next up was Pyscho Vegas pool side acts Weedeater… They have not slowed down or changed a thing since 2017 when the outdoor stage suffered through the brutal bashing of this East Coast three piece. "Dixie" Dave Collins - vocals/bass Dave "Shep" Shepherd - guitar and Travis "T-Boogie" Owen – drums have been bashing out music since 1998. Their heavy “stoner rock” catalog along with Dave’s on-stage persona kept the crowd pushing against the pit walls, testing its strength.

When you think of heavy and never-ending guitar riffs Crowbar instantly comes to mind, more than holding their own with some of today and yesterday’s heaviest and most powerful and successful bands, let’s be honest even better! Part of the NOLA family of bands, Crowbar has been belting out heaviness for nearly 30 years and after a few more months on the road plan on adding to their extensive catalog. As mentioned above we caught up with Kirk (even Matthew Brunson and Tommy Buckley hung out with us) and talked “Metal dudes doing nonmetal things,” pets named Suzy, Twisted Sister, NFL (yeah I left my Los Angeles Rams hat in the car), amongst other things. “Crowbar Crowbar Crowbar” the crowd chanted as the band left the stage, they are a powerful foursome.

Finally, the headliners Corrosion of Conformity (COC) and their wall of black and orange ORANGE cabinets, dual ESP SG’s and multi-singer heavy riff-writing machine took the stage. This is another NOLA family band with its roots that span across multiple decades and bands. COC was one of those bands that kept metal alive during the 90’s. Although COC has their roots in punk/hardcore their place in metal history is well documented, however they are as comfortable jumping genres throughout their storied career. Tonight, it was no different the seasoned front three belted through fan favorites from the past while peppering the evening with songs from their latest release No Cross No Crown.

Thanks to Earsplit PR for putting MA entertainment on the media list to cover one of the heaviest tours of the first part of 2019.

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