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Rock’D Coffee has partnered with Caffe D'arte to bring three signature blends of coffee to the world. The blends are brought to you by Michael Wilton of Queensryche, Tim Ripper Owens formerly of Judas Priest and PKing's 333rd. Rock'd Coffee Co will also be bringing you more signature artist blends in the future.

Rock’D Coffee strives to create more than just a great cup of coffee. This is a lifestyle for them and this is a brand they believe in. Every bag of coffee is sourced from high quality ingredients and roasted with passion and care in every bag by roasters with decades of experience! At Rock’D they live and work Rock N Roll, and that’s something they are proud of. They know it takes energy and perseverance to accomplish your goals, whether that is on the stage, in the recording studio, on the road, or simply going about your everyday life. Consumers of Rock’D are everyone from the world’s premier rockstars to busy individuals who just need that kick of energy to keep them going during their day. Rock fans… this is YOUR Coffee!

They are currently offering several blends that cater to various individuals who love coffee.

A great gift for that rocker in your life, or just a great coffee roasted for your enjoyment; Rock’D is the coffee for the people and they are proud to offer their various coffee blends to customers all over the world!

In 1985 Caffé D’arte was established in Seattle with a heritage straight from Southern Italy. Our founding family’s Italian heritage brought experience roasting artisanal Italian espressos and coffee, at the same time, the Seattle region was ripe for a specialty coffee market that we are proud to have helped cultivate.

Today, Caffé D’arte continues its authentic approach to roasting Italian-style coffees using a philosophy refined over generations. This handcrafted approach has captivated discerning coffee drinkers for decades. Caffé D’arte is roasted by our family in the finest traditional Italian methods, to reflect the historical, culinary, and regional flavors of Italy. Savor our award-winning blends, and experience our tradition, knowledge, artisanship and passion.

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