CLASSLESS ACT - The Rose Pasadena

Saturday June 2, 2018

All photos by pags409 and maentglobal_dtown.j.brown for maentglobal

What a great first impression for The Rose Pasadena part of The Canyon family event centers around Southern California. Nestled on Green St, just across the street from the Pasadena Convention Center, The Rose Pasadena is a top-notch restaurant bar and live entertainment venue.

This evening was home to the very first, for sure not the last, headlining gig for Southern California’s very own Classless Act.

Classless act is made up of five very talented individuals, not yet old enough to drink... Well one can, but you would never guess it by his youthful persona.

Life long friends Nico Tsangaris (lead guitar) and London Hudson (drums) have been bashing away on guitar and drums for quite a long time. Close friends Franco Gravante (bass/backing vocals) and Dane Pieper (guitar), came along later filling the void left by previous members. With that Classless Act was born, thankfully!

Like anyone knows that has tried to start a band finding the voice for your band can often times be the most daunting task of all. Enter Mr. Derek Day (vocals/guitars), a local powerhouse of a vocalist, musician, and songwriter, a perfect fit for the young up and coming energetic Southern Californian four-some.

Experiencing your first headlining spot is an amazing experience for a young band (or old for that matter). Having enough material to entertain an audience for a set time double your normal is a daunting task, especially for when you have a very short turn around time to prepare.

With all that Classless Act came out ready to rock... Bashing, chugging, and driving on all “5 cylinders” waking up the mostly relaxed crowd, almost immediately; the crowd realized rather quickly that this was not going to be dinner and light jazz.

The band mixed originals, covers, and even some acoustic numbers throughout the evening. The band wowed the quickly energized crowd with scorching original songs like Stampede, their namesake song Classless Act, the Radicals, GD Devil, and On My Phone. Like mentioned above they filled the void with a number classic covers from legendary acts Black Sabbath (Dio), Velvet Revolver, Bowie, and Lenny Kravitz, as well as a very inspired four song short acoustic set featuring two originals and Cash's Folsom Prison Blues and La Camisa Negra by Juanes.

Considering the length of time these guys have been playing as a unit, it was an inspiring achievement and show of their musical abilities. All members have stepped up their game… London bashes the skins with the force a man with years of road playing under his belt, Nico plays off the energy set forth by Derek’s unbridled enthusiasm, and both Franco and Dane match up with London like a seasoned rhythm section should.

This was the second time the MAentGlobal family caught the band and in just a short turn around their confidence and showmanship leaped another level. Their next show at the upcoming Browerij West PopFuji Beerfest, is a sure to be exciting and new experience for the band as they climb the ladder to musical stardom. I anxiously await the opportunities this band will surely be given as they rise in the ranks in the sea of Los Angeles hopefuls.

A 🤘🤘🤘🤘 for this band first time in the headlining spot… As their list of original songs increase, so will the horns… The sky is the limit for this band, cannot wait to see them blow past it!

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