May 2018 – Los Angeles, CA – One of music’s most loved and loathed acts of the last decade, the notorious rap duo and crunkcore pioneers, BrokenNCYDE will make their anticipated return in 2018 with the release of their 5th studio album, 0 To Brokencyde, out June 22nd on Cleopatra Records.

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Today, the band has unveiled their first new single, the title track “0 To BrokeNCYDE,” via a music video. Watch it now at

“BrokeNCYDE has been on a hiatus working on a new album! Mikl-Shea & Seven are bringing its original sound back with a touch of new with the newest single. "0-BrokeNCYDE." It's our lifestyle, "BrokeNCYDE Will Never Die" - BrokeNCYDE

Since their inception in 2006, the Albuquerque bred group BrokeNCYDE has become a favorite among fans in their scene and an act that critics love to hate. Simultaneously panned and praised, the band continues to persevere, making music on their own terms for their legion of diehard fans.

Having helped pioneer the crunkcore movement, BrokeNCYDE has cut their own path over the last decade, which has awarded them millions of streams and views, a worldwide audience and mainstream notoriety. After four successful records, the duo (consisting of Se7en and Mikl) will return this year with their highly-anticipated 5th album, 0 To BrokeNCYDE. On their latest record the guys are revisiting their earlier sound that fans fell in love with while keeping it fresh by pushing boundaries and buttons with contemporary influences. BrokeNCYDE is BACK!

0 To BrokeNCYDE Traklisting:

1. 0 To Brokencyde

2. Psycho$

3. Marijuano$

4. Salsa

5. D@ Good feat. Lil Aaron


7. Certified Playaz

8. Kush Krazy

9. Traptncyde

10. No Bodies Safe

11. Bout It

12. Ass & Titties

13. Mueve

14. Wild Girl

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