BPMD album review

BPMD – American Made

Release Date: June 12, 2020

BPMD is: Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth: Vocals Phil Demmel: Guitar Mark Menghi: Bass Mike Portnoy: Drums

Start with the obvious, and maybe it’s something that might not even matter any longer, but that’s a bands name. Ever since KORN came along proving that the name does not carry much weight, band names have evolved into an odd fashion and here we go back to something perfectly clear with BPMD. Here we have 4 musicians who obviously love what they do and pay homage to some of the true classics. Nothing on this release is reinventing the wheel or re-imagining the original song, but this sound like 4 friends getting together and jamming in the garage. The standout tracks for me are D.O.A. by VAN HALEN as well as SATURDAY NIGHT SPECIAL by LYNYRD SKYNYRD. I was hoping for a bit more of the natural groove to WALK AWAY from JAMES GANG and a little bit less ‘musicianship’ to capture the originality of the ‘funk’ factor to this song but still appreciate what BPMD has offered up. Closing out the album with WE’RE AN AMERICAN BAND from GRAND FUNK RAILROAD is a treat and feel from beginning to end we have an album of musicians jamming together to celebrate their youth. And the question will remain, how many albums with MIKE PORTNOY release this year?


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