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May 2018 – Los Angeles, CA – Maryland indie-pop band Blue Heaven has released a new single called “Shade” from their upcoming, debut full-length album, Volume One, which will be available from No Sleep Records on June 15th

Pre-order the record and Stream “Shade” now at

"The premise of “Shade” is falling for those who are as blue as you." - Levi Miller (singer/guitarist)

Blue Heaven’s new single, follows the band’s previously released song “Growing.

Watch the video for the track at

Spawned from the ashes of regional hardcore and punk bands from their younger days, the members of Blue Heaven traded blaring guitars and blasting drums for a more refined sound while still showcasing their energetic past. Volume One is a 12 track journey through frontman Levi Miller’s mind as he deals with heartache, regret, and passion. Self-recorded and self-produced over 2 years, the listener is dealt with the ebbs and flows of Miller’s inner turmoil during the recording process.

Where a record contains the energy of a song, the stage is a limitless platform for Blue Heaven to radiate their power. With plenty of tour dates on the horizon, it will only be a matter of time before Blue Heaven captures the eyes and ears of listeners across the country.

Tour Dates:

May 11 - Baltimore, MD - Metro Gallery

May 12 - Oaklyn, NJ - Ovations Studio May 13 - West Haven, CT - RVP Studios: The Cave

May 14 - Salem, MA - Koto

May 16 - Holyoke, MA - Dracula May 17 - Scranton, PA - The Irish Wolf Pub May 18 - Oakdale, NY - Shakers Pub May 20 - New York, NY - Arlene’s Grocery May 21 - Asbury Park, NJ - Wonder Bar

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