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The Destructive Cycle, the dynamic new album by Seattle-based avant metal outfit BLACKQUEEN, is out now through Roman Numeral Records.

Unleashing a haunting and intriguing amalgam of metal infused with a wide array of elements, BLACKQUEEN unites lifelong punk/metal scene veterans Pete Jay (Assück) and Brandon Fitzsimons (Wormwood), the LP lineup fleshed out by Rob Beebe and Patrick Fiorentino. The Destructive Cycle is written based on Taoist five element theory. The band always strives to write music that creates dark and powerful soundscapes while at the same time embracing the deep esoteric knowledge of many cultures, from the powers of the known universe, into the unknown beyond; a musical representation of the powers of nature being channeled through a human host, and of the fear born from its misunderstood creative and destructive elements.

The Destructive Cycle was recorded and mixed by Brandon Fitzsimons at Airport Grocery, and mastered by Scott Craggs at Old Colony Mastering with additional engineering by Jeremy Davis, the record features guest vocals from Paul Pavlovich (Assück) on "Needle Grinding Well," "Infinitesimal," and "Calefactorum Occulta," and Wrest (Leviathan, Lurker Of Chalice) on "The Sorcerer's Jian." The album is completed with cover art by Wrest and the LP version features design by Pavlovich.

Stream BLACKQUEEN’s The Destructive Cycle in its entirety RIGHT HERE.

Following its initial release in November – on CD through Super Sargasso and digitally through the band – The Destructive Cycle is now available on vinyl in a run of 500 copies on clear vinyl with an included download card through Pavlovich’s Roman Numeral Records at THIS LOCATION. Find the digital version and more at BLACKQUEEN’s Bandcamp HERE.

While COVID-19 pandemic social restrictions are in place, Jay and Fitzsimons are currently remotely working with new members on honing the prior material, while writing new material for whatever comes next for the band. Watch for new updates on BLACKQUEEN to post over the months ahead.

Initially formed in San Francisco in 1998 by Pete Jay (original Assück bassist), BLACKQUEEN was born during the early days of San Francisco's legendary Lucifer's Hammer-era, which also gave birth to such bands as Ludicra, Weakling, Impaled, and Exhumed. Branding the name “witch metal” and conceptually evoking horror film soundtrack, uncompromising hardcore riffage, and an unconventional sonic approach for metal, the band gained a consistent following in the Bay Area and was known for always having a surprise around the corner at live shows and always keeping the audience engaged and challenged, very much in the way a good horror film does.

After releasing their self-produced demos Witch Metal, a split 7" in the UK, and later the mini-LP The Anthropocalypse, Jay moved to Seattle, Washington to pursue an education in Kung Fu instruction. After he became certified many years later, the band was reformed with the help of Brandon Fitzsimons (Wormwood) and recorded the self-produced March Of The Obsidian Triumvirate which featured metal and soundtrack material. In 2013, the band created a short film for their song “BabeGhostWitch,” inspired by Italian Giallo films. They then toured out to Austin, Texas to play the inaugural Housecore Horror Film Festival where they not only performed, but also internationally debuted their short film. BLACKQUEEN was the only band at the festival to also bring a film of their own making to screen. The next year saw the release of their full-length LP The Directress, produced by Billy Anderson. Then after a slight lineup change, they began work on the new album, The Destructive Cycle.


Pete Jay - Vocals, Guitars, ARP Axxe, Samples

Brandon Fitzsimons - Keys, Synths, Samples

Rob Beebe - Bass

Patrick Fiorentino - Drums

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