British rock band Black Orchid Empire share their brand new single "Natural Selection". It's the fourth single taken from the new studioalbum "Semaphore" coming 12th June, 2020 via Long Branch Records.

"Semaphore" is available for pre-order here:

Watch the video for "Natural Selection" here:

Black Orchid Empire guitarist and singer Paul Visser about the new single:

“This song tells the story of an alien sent to a doomed earth to try and 'correct' the mistakes humans have made. Finding not only hubris and greed but also beauty and wonder, the alien falls in love with the planet and its flawed people, and decides to go down with the ship.

We love playing this track – it's surprisingly challenging with the various time signature changes and rhythmic complexities as well as a technically-demanding vocal melody, but so satisfying and fun.

Alina Gordienco and her team made a narrative-driven video for the song which we literally cannot believe. What they've achieved is completely insane – our very own alien. It's like watching a big-budget movie. Check it out!”

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