Ace Of Spades

Sacramento, CA


"the most lethal combination of BLS yet"

It's a Friday night in Sacramento and night one of the BLACK LABEL SOCIETY / OBITUARY / PRONG tour and it's another sold out show at the awesome ACE OF SPADES. As many have waited patiently for live music, I have been anxiously waiting my return to the photo pit and lo and behold, tonight was the night.

PRONG opens with a short 35-minute set and TOMMY VICTOR has the right pieces to his puzzle with AARON ROSSI on drums and JASON CHRISTOPHER on bass. This unit is tighter and so good to see them again live as the last time I saw them was at this same venue along with HATEBREED/OBITUARY/AGNOSTIC FRONT/SKELETAL REMAINS. Tommy has been around for so long and unfortunately Prong never got the respect they so rightfully deserve.

OBITUARY followed and their last trip saw them as a quartet minus bass and tonight it was a great feeling to see TERRY BUTLER joining them on bass and opening with the standard REDNECK STOMP. The thing about Obituary is that although they are often lumped into the Death Metal genre, they stand on their own and apart form some of their counterparts such as DEICIDE and MORBID ANGEL. Obituary have a certain groove and swagger mixed with their roots that separate them from the rest. Another winning set from the southern boys.

BLACK LABEL SOCIETY! I cannot thing of many musicians that enjoy playing their instrument more than ZAKK WYLDE. With hair covering his face most of the night, the only time you see his eyes is when he's singing and the rest of the night it's head banging and the viking locks flowing. It's interesting when one of the lesser well-received albums in 1919 ETERNAL has two tracks opening the show with BLEED FOR ME and DEMISE OF SANITY. I always felt that album didn't have the sonic appeal yet it did have some great songs that translate live better than on the album.

Although the band members have changed over time, having JEFF FABB on drums, DARIO LORINA on guitar, and JOHN JD DESERVIO on bass proves to be the most lethal combination of BLS yet as they do the electric as it should be done, and the Book Of Shadows style just as it's heard on record. The ability for this unit to transition between songs, listen to Zakk's banter, and engage in lengthy solos is as fluid as the Mississippi river. Zakk being sober is also another critical aspect of where his playing is at these days and his ability to give over the top performances night after night.

As we wait for Black Friday to roll around to get the new record, DOOM CREW INC., hopefully at their next run through NorCal will include some more new music as Zakk has never been one to shy away from new material. You cannot go wrong with a BLS as you know what you are going to get; a kick ass rock show with songs, stage presence, and one of the few crowds whose audience is 75% wearing the bands tee shirts and not afraid to be, 'that guy.'


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