Big Kizz (ex-Graveyard, Witchcraft) Releases New Single & Video "I Want My Girl"

Swedish Group also featuring Members of Spiders and Lady Banana to Release Debut LP, 'Music is Magic', May 18

Big Kizz is the new Swedish rock band featuring drummer Axel Sjöberg (ex-Graveyard), bassist John Hoyles (Spiders, ex-Witchcraft) and vocalist/guitarist Pontus Westman (Lady Banana). The group will release its debut full-length, Music is Magic, on May 18 via Tee Pee Records.

   Today, Big Kizz releases "I Want My Girl", the first single and video from Music is Magic. Check it out now at this location.

 Big Kizz plays good time rock 'n' roll  energized with elements of power pop, garage rock and punk that will have toes tappin', ears ringin' and mouths singin' from the moment the needle hits the wax! Big Kizz burst onto the scene in 2017 with its debut, Eye on You, an EP filled with upbeat rock ‘n’ roll circa 1976, when proto-glam and punk rock were hardly distinguishable from each other. 

   Combining a love for British guitar pop songcraft with crunching power chords and a tongue-in-cheek flair for the absurd, the band's impending long-player, Music is Magic, is an explosive fusion of Beatlesque melodic hooks, Who-styled power, and a twisted sense of humor. Lyrical content deals with universal themes such as unrequited love and - of course - stickin’ it to the man; something we can all get behind. The record also includes a blistering cover of the Bikini Kill classic "Rebel Girl". 

"Big Kizz have gathered influences from across the musical spectrum, fed them through our ingenious, Phil Spector-esque hit-creating rock machine and spewed out an eclectic swirl of instant heavy hitters!", says Sjöberg. "With a nod to Ty Segall and Shocking Blue, a tip of the hat to Tina Turner and Ray Charles, and a thumbs up to Velvet Underground and Bikini Kill, we have delivered a masterclass in wearing our influences on our sleeve, but crucially, fired them out with -- what is surely soon to be known as -- our signature Big Kizz flair.

Track listing:

   1.) Music is Magic    2.) I Want My Girl (watch VIDEO)    3.) I Gave Up Tears Ago    4.) Baby Boy    5.) Lose My Love    6.) Long Distance Call    7.) High     8.) Rebel Girl (Bikini Kill cover)    9.) I Hate R 'N' R  10.) Eye on You (watch VIDEO)  11.) Legalt

   Pre-order Music is Magic at this location.

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Big Kizz is available to speak with interested media. To chat with the band or request a review copy of Music is Magic, simply contact Carl Schultz at ACTION! PR.

 "Big Kizz is more about dance floors and beach parties than wearing cloaks next to haunted castles in the woods." - PASTE

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