AT THE GATES 'To Drink From The Night Itself' Review

I don’t know of any conversation about Melodic Death Metal where most people cannot agree that 1995’s SLAUGHTER OF THE SOUL from AT THE GATES is the ultimate album which set the standard for all melodic death metal to follow. If you talk with bands, fans, critics, all signs point to that monumental 4th album from ATG. The band was relentless in their attack and disappeared until a small tour in 2007 then an album in 2014 with AT WAR WITH REALITY which reinvigorated the band.

Now we sit in 2018 and TO DRINK FROM THE NIGHT ITSELF has been unleashed and is definitely a step above their last effort. Not to take anything away from AWWR, but the latest album has a grittier approach in the guitar tones and there is a sense of urgency to the production making the sounds more in your face. But with saying that, there is an attack in their songs that the younger generation can learn from. There are clean transitions, more effective hooks within the vocal patterns and guitar passages, as well as an overall theme about resistance. Also, a track like 'The Colours Of The Beast' has a slow groove that is a small departure but warmly welcomed. Another favorite is the closer 'The Mirror Black' which again possesses a sludge pace but has double pace pumping throughout and a small symphonic outro.

I still can’t define why so many legacy bands can put out some of their best music of their career 20-30 years since their start. While modern bands dissipate quickly, ATG has revitalized their approach, brought in new elements, and delivered another great record late in their career. Not stating this album is perfect and parts of some songs seem reminiscent, it’s still a meaningful release and important to their legacy and to the modern scene.

Check out a new unboxing clip of this Deluxe LP-Boxset by vocalist Tomas Lindberg here:

AT THE GATES – “To Drink From The Night Itself” Samples: “To Drink From The Night Itself” (video-clip): “To Drink From The Night Itself” (making of video-clip): “A Stare Bound In Stone” (video-clip): “Daggers Of Black Haze” (video-clip): EPK-styled clip with ATG vocalist Tomas Lindberg:


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