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Roseland Theater

Portland, OR

It's a Wednesday and Portland has quite a few shows in town this week and seeing OPETH and MASTODON on Monday was mind-blowing and now tonight at Roseland is another monster lineup.

First on the night is local band UNTO OTHERS whose brand of gothic doom rock actually goes over fairly well with this more extreme crowd. And then the heaviest of the lineup quickly follows in the likes of NAPALM DEATH. The amount of energy that comes from BARNEY GREENWAY is incredible as his nonstop pacing back and forth with the lyrics spit out with proud intent are something all fans of heavy music should witness. Bassist SHANE EMBURY has one of the meanest bass tones out there and the way he attacks the instrument is a sight to behold. ND have always had a political stance and their views are appreciated by those in attendance.

Next on stage tonight is the megabeast that is BEHEMOTH. A band who is always scrutinized for their religious stance yet their mass appeal continues to grow. Spending the first 3 songs in the photo pit it was almost hard to focus on shooting due to the spectacle on stage. Although I have seen them before, this band just gets better and better snd very excited for their next release.

Bandleader NERGAL is the driving visionary and everything this band does has meaning. From the imagery, songs, stage show, makeup, this band is focused and definitely one of the most lethal bands in all of music today. BEHEMOTH control the crowd and it seems as if this crowd belongs to our Eastern Europeans tonight.

Closing the night was ARCH ENEMY and I think it's safe to say that as extreme metal goes, there are not many, if any, that can rival the twin-guitar attack and melody of MICHAEL AMOTT and JEFF LOOMIS. What these two do is with the greatest of ease to them. Following Behemoth is not an easy task yet ARCH ENEMY is up for the challenge and the crowd is pumped for their energy. Standout tracks tonight for me are WAR ETERNAL and THE EAGLE FLIES ALONE. With only a few dates left on this tour, all of the bands had time to perfect their sets and it shows with the fluidity from all.

Photos posting to Instagram daily from this show and various other shows!


BEHEMOTH, the high priests of extreme metal, have announced their 12th studio album, Opvs Contra Natvram their most thought-provoking and arresting collection to date. The album is set for release on September 16 via Nuclear Blast. Pre-order or pre-save the album here. Watch the cinematic video for the first single "Ov My Herculean Exile," directed by Zuzanna Plisz, here.

The 10 chapters of fury that make up Opvs Contra Natvram were written and recorded over the course of a very strange year for the globe — a situation which only heightened the level of craft seen in these 43 minutes and 15 seconds of searing wrath. As with previous studio outings, Opvs… was produced by BEHEMOTH, with mixing handled by acclaimed studio legend Joe Barresi (Nine Inch Nails, Tool, QOTSA, Alice in Chains).

Renowned for his meticulous attention to detail and absolute creative control of BEHEMOTH's world, frontman and band visionary, Adam "Nergal" Darski reveled in the depressurized environment afforded by the pandemic. It meant that for nearly the first time since the band's inception over 30 years ago, there was no deadline to observe, allowing for a nearly unprecedented level of attention to the process of writing and recording. Beyond any confines of genre, BEHEMOTH have grown to become nothing less than the personification of rebellion, individuality, and unflinching self-expression informed by a literate worldview and worldliness that's resulted in a locking of horns with everything from the mainstream press to the Polish Catholic church — most notably manifesting in Nergal's trial for blasphemy in 2010 that only served to expose the deep-seated hypocrisies that his music seeks to challenge.

"The album title means going against the current," Nergal states. "It's the negative of the values and morals and ethics that I stand against. I've seriously been wrestling with destructive tendencies in pop culture — cancel culture, social media, and tools which I feel are very dangerous weapons in the hands of people who are not competent to judge others. That's something which I find very destructive and disturbing — and extremely limiting coming from an artists' perspective. This is my middle finger to that. There's a song on the record called 'Neo-Spartacvs.' Spartacus was one of the most iconic rebels in history who went against the most powerful empire of all time. In the end, it's me screaming, 'I Am Spartacus, and so are you!' I want to spark that flame of rebellion. If something seems wrong then stand up to it!" OPVS CONTRA NATVRAM TRACK LISTING: "Post-God Nirvana" "Malaria Vvlgata" "The Deathless Sun" "Ov My Herculean Exile" "Neo-Spartacvs" "Disinheritance" "Off to War!" "Once Upon a Pale Horse" "Thy Becoming Eternal" "Versvs Christvs"

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