March 15, 2019 – Los Angeles, CA – Germany’s rising metal stars ANY GIVEN DAY have released their brand new and critically acclaimed album, Overpower, today in North America with SharpTone Records

The album is available on CD, vinyl and limited-edition deluxe box set! Buy the record, Overpower, now at

More on Overpower:

“Lonewolf” Official Video -

“Loveless” Official Video -

“Savior” Official Video -

Overpower Tracklist:

Start Over



Taking Over Me


Devil Inside

Sure To Fail

In Deafening Silence

Whatever It Takes


Never Surrender

Although hailing from Germany, ANY GIVEN DAY are living the American dream. Founded in 2012, they ignited interest in 2014 with their debut, My Longest Way Home. Then boldly proved they were more than just an internet phenomenon with 2016’s Everlasting. ANY GIVEN DAY can also look back on countless tours and shows with the likes of CALIBAN, BURY TOMORROW, TRIVIUM and SUICIDE SILENCE on stages of every size, which has seen euphoric reactions and a rapidly growing fanbase that celebrates the band fanatically. 2013 also saw the band debut their cover of RIHANNA’s “Diamonds” (10 Million+ views on YouTube), while contemporary metal icon Matt Heafy (TRIVIUM) featured on the 2016 track “Arise” (3.4 Million views on YouTube).

On Overpower, ANY GIVEN DAY have perfected their unique blend of unruly brutality, compelling melodies and unbelievable catchiness. Surrounded by the great musicianship of his fellow bandmates, one-of-a-kind vocalist Dennis Diehl, handles both growls and clean vocals. Drop in on any of the tracks from the album and you’ll get pummeling, in-your-face modern metal power and epic arcs of suspense that are the foundation of Overpower - all wrapped up in an always uplifting message to hold on to.

The first two singles, “Savior” and “Loveless,” cover themes of soul-searching and breaking free, but also give a pretty accurate idea of what Overpower is about, musically and lyrically. Just like in another remarkable, powerful and motivating track, “Lonewolf”: It’s about an outsider, alienated from the group, who’s on his own now. Metaphorically the outsider is described as a wolf. It’s a situation more and more people find themselves in these days, which is why we felt we needed to address it in a song.”

Sheer sonic force, genuine emotions and a unique and fresh take on modern heavy music are what ANY GIVEN DAY call their own and craft like no other.


Dennis Diehl - vocals

Andy Posdziech - guitar

Dennis Ter Schmitten - guitar

Michael Golinski - bass

Raphael Altmann – drums

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