An evening inspired by BLACK SABBATH



Sacramento, CA


Now it’s Thursday night and this will be show 3 in the past week but this time it’s at HOLY DIVER the smaller of the two main rock clubs in Sacramento but the place was packed to witness what I called it as, ‘An Evening Inspired By BLACK SABBATH with the almighty CORROSION OF CONFORMITY, THE SKULL, MOTHERSHIP, and WITCH MOUNTAIN.

WITCH MOUNTAIN pic by @HardRockCore

Hailing from Oregon, Witch Mountain hit the stage with vibe and the crowd quickly grew in size at the sounds they were hearing. Vocals were soaring, the sludge was oozing, and the intensity was there. Not knowing much about them before this show, I am definitely a fan now. And to keep up with the energy, Mothership followed and this power trio delivered on all levels with sludge, groove, 70’s swagger, and energy that had the crowd cheering nonstop. This band has been out with COC off and on for the past year and it’s good to see the stage being shared with bands of the same mindset of just getting up there and doing their own thing despite any trends that are out there. I was told by my good friend Anthony that this band was awesome, and they were just that, AWESOME!

MOTHERSHIP pic by @HardRockCore

The Skull had a tough act to follow and while their set was slow to start, by the time they were finished with their 3rd song, the crowd was front to back at Holy Diver and former TROUBLE singer ERIC WAGNER was sharing drinks and vapes with the crowd. Their energy kept growing throughout the set and powerhouse drummer HENRY VASQUEZ. When they close out with two songs from Trouble, those who were unsure are now 100% aware of The Skull.


What else can be said about Corrosion Of Conformity who have spent the better part of the last 2 years on tour for their latest album. A band whose career has seen four decades and are as explosive and relevant as ever. Album after album, they are consistent. Kicking off the set with SEVEN DAYS and KING OF THE ROTTEN, how can they go wrong? The crowd is 100% in to every groove and twin guitar harmony that leaves the stage. At one point PEPPER asks the house to lower the stage lights and shine the lights on the crowd and he is pleased with what he sees. The rock doesn’t stop as they run through classics like ALBATROSS and VOTE WITH A BULLET before closing it out with their most commercially successful song, CLEAN MY WOUNDS. As the band winds down their US run by playing the MEGACRUISE next week, there are some festival dates lined up in 2020 and you can count on the band banging out a new album as well!

COC Setlist Pic By @pagliassotto_usa


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