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All dreams are shattered, all hopes are lost - but out of the fuming ashes of the apocalypse, there's a new star rising high into the blackened sky: Today, AMARANTHE release "Archangel", the third single from their upcoming album Manifest, to be out October 2nd, via Nuclear Blast.

A merciless but on-point modern metal extravaganza filled with brutal riffs, a tempting chorus, and hellish vibes. Long story short, It's an infernal pleasure that makes you want to trade your soul for the fallen angel.

Check out the video here:

AMARANTHE commented:

"Fire and brimstone! Savor the sweet scent of sulfur as AMARANTHE delves deep into Miltonian lore with 'Archangel'! An ancient tale of the fall of the angel Lucifer Morningstar was interpreted as a Greek tragedy in John Milton's seminal 'Paradise Lost', and it is from this perspective we tell a brief yet momentous story of greed, betrayal, and overblown pride - an all too familiar and contemporary theme. AMARANTHE's first collaboration with Poland's visual grandmasters Grupa13 took us from abandoned and ghastly factory halls in Wrocław to the derelict ruins of Świny Castle among the Polish mountains. Light up your incense, fill your goblet, and delight in a darker shade of AMARANTHE!"

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Listen to "Archangel" and other new tracks in the NB New Releases Playlists: /

The tracklist of Manifest reads as follows: 1. Fearless 2. Make It Better 3. Scream My Name 4. Viral 5. Adrenaline 6. Strong (feat. Noora Louhimo) 7. The Game 8. Crystalline 9. Archangel 10. BOOM!1 11. Wake Up And Die 12. Do Or Die Bonus Tracks: 13. 82nd All The Way 14. Do Or Die (feat. Angela Gossow) 15. Adrenalina (Acoustic) 16. Crystalline (Orchestral) Manifest is available in the following formats:

  • CD

  • Media Book With Four Bonus Tracks

  • Media Book Bundle With Patch (Limited to 250 units)

  • Vinyl

  • Gold Vinyl (Limited to 300 units)

  • Blue/Black Marbled Vinyl (Limited to 300 units)

  • Cyan Vinyl (Limited to 1000 units)

  • Band Exclusive Vinyl (Limited to 150 units per color)

  • Red w/ Gold Splatter | Olof

  • Clear w/ Red Splatter | Elize

  • Green w/ Black Splatter | GG6

  • White w/ Blue Splatter | Nils

  • Pink w/ Green Splatter | Johan

  • Orange w/ Black Splatter | Morten

Each band exclusive vinyl color was personally selected by the single band members and is a bold statement for which value is the most important to them: Creativity, independence, prudence, cleverness, single-mindedness, and composure. Altogether, these values are the foundation to overcome obstacles and face difficult and uncertain situations. To symbolize that, every vinyl comes with a 5x7 "hero card" corresponding with the band member and their personally picked value. When all six cards are united, they form the album cover for "Manifest".

AMARANTHE have spent the last decade establishing themselves as a formidable, positive and fervently melodic force for metallic good. From their explosive self-titled debut in 2011 to the more sophisticated, streamlined likes of 2014’sMassive Addictiveand its immaculate follow-up Maximalism (2016), AMARANTHE has masterfully blurred the lines between melodic metal, crushing brutality, cinematic sweep, and futuristic sparkle. Led by the endlessly ingenious songwriting of guitarist OlofMörck and powerhouse vocalist Elize Ryd, their rise to prominence has been a joy to behold.

Widely acclaimed as a dazzling live act, the Swedes reached a new peak of creativity on 2018’s hugely successfulHelix: an album that pushed the band’s vision to new heights, breadths and depths, while showcasing the brilliance of Elize and her co-vocalists, Henrik Englund Wilhelmsson and recent recruit Nils Molin.

Not just a glorious return but a wholesale upgrade for their exuberant sound, Manifestis simply the most daring, dynamic, and unforgettable album that AMARANTHE have released to date. The perfect antidote to the nagging anxieties plaguing us all in these troubled times, it’s a technicolor celebration of metal’s ageless power, blazing with all of life’s colors and chaos, but delivered with utmost artistry and skill.



Elize Ryd | vocals

Olof Mörck | guitars, keyboards

Henrik "GG6" Englund Wilhelmsson | vocals

Johan Andreassen | bass

Morten Løwe Sørensen | drums

Nils Molin | vocals

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