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ALCATRAZZ new album out today



Born Innocent, the highly anticipated full-length from heavy metal legends ALCATRAZZ is out now via Silver Lining Music and available at this location The hard-hitting, melodic heavy metal band ALCATRAZZ unleash Born Innocent, their first studio venture since 1986’s Dangerous Games.  Alongside the unique vocal prowess and range of star frontman and founding member GRAHAM BONNETBorn Innocent also features fellow founding members JIMMY WALDO and GARY SHEA.  Debuting on Born Innocent is the latest of the illustrious ALCATRAZZ guitarists to bring their extreme six-string talents to the band, with Boston-based Berklee College of Music Assistant Professor of Guitar, and one-man metal impresario JOE STUMP. Mixed and mastered by ANDY HALLER, Born Innocent also sees former stars from BONNET's long career making guest appearances, from CHRIS IMPELLITTERI, who wrote the music and played all guitars on the arpeggio-powered ‘Born Innocent’ with BONNET’s vocals soaring to old-school heights, and BOB KULICK who wrote and laid down guitar for ‘I Am The King’. Virtuoso Japanese guitar maestro NOZOMU WAKAI -a new invitee to the party- similarly wrote and played guitars on the double-kick steel-plated Irish warrior ode ‘Finn McCool’, while STEVE VAI wrote ‘Dirty Like The City’.  Meanwhile, ‘Something That I Am Missing’ and ‘Warth Lane’ were written by -and feature the guitar work of- Italian six-string hero DARIO MOLLO, with RIOT bassist DON VAN STAVERN playing bass on the title track, ‘Polar Bear’, ‘Finn McCool’, ‘London 1666’, ‘Dirty Like The City’ and ‘Paper Flags’.  Add D. KENDALL JONES’ writing and guitar work on ‘We Still Remember’ and even a quick solo by another new invitee to the ALCATRAZZ mega-sound, ANNIHILATOR’s JEFF WATERS on ‘Paper Flags’ (the second one to be precise), and it’s clear that studio ALCATRAZZ 2020 is one giant piece of rock for sure. "Born Innocent" is crisp and classic hard rock, sometimes reminiscent of MSG, sometimes Rainbow and surprisingly often of old Alcatrazz, a good mixture of routine and courage for new ideas. Respect!" – DEAF FOREVER “Alcatrazz revive their sophisticated melodic hard rock with "Born Innocent” – CLASSIC ROCK “Heavy Rock with impressive power and melodic song-writing” METAL HAMMER Alcatrazz sound better and more powerful than ever” – ROCK IT “This album is without a doubt one of the highlights of Graham Bonnet's career for me and is a very hot contender for the title "Album and Comeback of the Year"!” – HARDLINE "Born Innocent is a fantastic comeback” – FIREWORKS MAGAZINE “Born Innocent is a hell of a solid rock release” / "an essential purchase for any guitar loving fan” – METAL PLANET MUSIC “Possibly the best Alcatrazz album of all time” / "we get a small glimpse into Bonnet’s softer side with resolution in an almost Beatles-esque conclusion to an almost-perfect album.”  – V13 "Thick riffs, epic melodies” / Bonnet himself is nothing short of flawless” – BATTLEHELM Find the band’s previously released videos for “Polar Bear”, “London 1666,” and “Dirty Like The City” here.

Born Innocent Track Listing:

  1. Born Innocent

  2. Polar Bear

  3. Finn McCool

  4. We Still Remember

  5. London 1666

  6. Dirty Like The City

  7. I Am The King

  8. Something That I Am Missing

  9. Paper Flags

  10. The Wound Is Open

  11. Body Beautiful

  12. Warth Lane

  13. For Tony


Graham Bonnet – Vocals

Joe Stump – Guitars

Jimmy Waldo – Keyboards

Gary Shea – Bass

Mark Benquechea – Drums

Produced by Giles Lavery and Jimmy Waldo

Mixed, mastered and edited by Andy Haller

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