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AFTERSHOCK 2019 - Danny Wimmer Presents part 3

The Crowd Watching GOJIRA

And Day Three has come and gone for what was another amazing edition of the Aftershock Festival. Closed out by heavyweights TOOL and KORN, the day also saw the heaviest band over the weekend, GOJIRA deliver a set that was precision focused and had the heads banging and fists in the air. The last time these Frenchmen played Aftershock America was just getting to know them better but now after mega tours with METALLICA and SLIPKNOT, this band has been elevated to the higher levels of the scene and they have respect from all of the bands and fans. BABYMETAL, the K-POP / Metal Mash Up continues to draw buzz and excitement from tight Slipknot inspired music laced with K-Pop melodies and dance moves on stage and yes, they have found their niche. FU MANCHU, a personal favorite of mine graced the Coors Light Stage at the same time CHEVELLE performed on the Kolas stage and unknown to a majority of the crowd, DEADLAND RITUAL headlined the Coors Light Stage and for those who do not know, this band features drummer MATT SORUM (GUNS N ROSES, VELVET REVOLER, THE CULT), guitars from STEVE STEVENS (BILLY IDOL), and the legendary bassist of BLACK SABBATH, GEEZER BUTLER. There isn’t much more when it comes to Rock Royalty in one dare I say, Supergroup.

But after 3 days of non-stop music, Danny Wimmer Presents has once again owned the festival circuit in 2019. Sacramento is grateful for bringing this ever-growing culture to Northern California and bring people together for one purpose, to unite in the name of music! THANK YOU and GOODNIGHT!

Until Next Year.....start placing your bets on who the headliner on Saturday night will be and which other bands will be at Aftershock!

































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