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AFTERSHOCK 2019 - Danny Wimmer Presents part 2



Sacramento, CA

October 11, 12, & 13

Day Two has arrived and it’s an interesting one at that seeing as Day Two is being headlined by BLINK 182 and while I don’t hate the band, it’s interesting to see them headline a predominantly Heavy Metal (of different forms) festival. But on this day there were some interesting acts on the Coors Stage (i.e. FIDLAR and ANDREW W.K.), the Kolas Stage housed BAD RELIGION, MARILYN MANSON, and ROB ZOMBIE while the main stage with sponsor Monster Energy held fort for bands like FISHBONE, STONE TEMPLE PILOTS, and BRING ME THE HORIZON.

This Will Be Awesome Next Year!

Interestingly HIGHLY SUSPECT, who has played here before, was on the Monster Energy stage and I just don’t understand their vibe. And it seemed like a majority of the crowd didn’t get them either as they seem better suited for a Bottlerock or Bonnaroo festival as opposed to the awesome Aftershock as their songs often turn in to long jams with a lot of open space. I am not against this band and I am most certainly open to all genres, but they did bring a lull to the main stage before being brought up again by the hit machine that is Stone Temple Pilots. Complete with new singer, JEFF GUTT (formerly of DRY CELL) the band played hit after hit after hit and those in attendance were reminded of how vital this band was in the 90’s and to this day their songs feel current. After STP on this stage we had BMTH who had an impressive stage show with dancers and video animation, it seemed like leader OLI SYKES was disappointed in the crowd as they didn’t have the energy he was expecting and at one point resorted to calling anybody who didn’t jump, “a fucking dickhead.” I understand his British Humor, but I did see some people turned off by his antics and on stage banter. And to state the obvious, they are not a metal band of any type, they are a pop band who screams every now and then with some distorted guitars and unfortunately there is a lot of computer work producing the sounds on the stage but the younger generation eats it up. BMTH has formed a career out of this so there is something positive to be said about the lyrics Oli presents, especially in the song DROWN.

Marilyn Manson

Bad Religion on the other hand got the crowd moving and it is an honor to see this band who helped clear the lane for acts like PENNYWISE, THE OFFSPRING, and Blink 182. BR was song after song and even playing a new track in CHAOS FROM WITHIN which were all met with cheers from the crowd. Shock Rocker Marilyn Manson followed on the Kolas Stage and put on an almost pants dropping, simulated sex acts, simulated violence, bible burning performance complete with his standard hits and we even had a drum solo in his slot as well. Some people asked if MM was on something due to his demeanor on stage or was it just his ‘schtick?’ Either way it was good to see his outlandish act that was followed by Rob Zombie who is the ultimate professional on stage and with a short set headlining this stage, they went song to song to song and wasted no time doing what they do.

To be continued…..after Day Three

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