AFTERMATH Warns the Masses in New "Diethanasia" Video Update

"As a kid I always questioned and challenged authority. That’s one thing that never changed for me. I’m a cynic and that has led to my search for the truth. I have been on a path to answer questions I have had for years. That search has led to some horrifying realities. The quest for the truth and the answers I have uncovered led to our latest album called “There is Something Wrong”. It is a concept record that challenges the listener to question everything and to never believe the official story just because your government or media tells you to. From the Fed to organized religion to Agenda 2030, the lyrics expose it all" says Kyriakos "Charlie" Tsiolis. He continues, "The song Diethansia was written three years ago. If you listen to the lyrics it is literally about what is happening today. Bill Gates and his followers have been preaching and warning about a global pandemic for years. His attempt to scare the masses into a global vaccinated world that includes microchips used to track us should frighten us all. He is manipulating and distorting facts to justify “his vaccine” and their ultimate plan. Diethansia was written to warn everyone about this plan. They talk about sustainable development and population stabilization. Those phrases are meant to sound like solutions to a problem – a way to help the planet. They aren’t. Do you trust Big Pharma to save you? Do you believe a computer salesman will save you? It is time to wake up and question everything." The lyrics in the song are not meant as an indictment of all lawyers, doctors, media, etc. The attack is meant for the few within those professions that aren’t interested in helping humanity, but instead destroying it. Aftermath - Diethanasia [BREAKING NEWS EDITION]

"Diethanasia" Lyrics Big Pharma what can you do Nation is hurting cause of you Depopulation agenda 21 Implementing ideologies of secret societies DIETHANASIA From the Black House DIETHANASIA From the Black House Dirty electric soft kill technology Population reducer – microchip smart shit Fluoride pesticide dominate depopulate deactivate DIETHANASIA From the Black House DIETHANASIA From the Black House Decorating words population stabilization Unsustainable sustainable International development Nuclear chemical biological warfare DIETHANASIA From the Black House DIETHANASIA From the Black House False Masters Rewriting the past implementing slow death Earth Summit bullshit Reduce population for global government DIETHANASIA From the Black House DIETHANASIA From the Black House From the Black House From the Black House Black House Lawyers destroy justice Doctors destroy health Government destroys freedom Media kills information TO DIE! TO DIE! THEY WANT US DEAD! TO DIE! TO DIE! THEY WANT US DEAD! TO DIE! TO DIE! THEY WANT US DEAD! TO DIE! TO DIE! THEY WANT US DEAD! DIETHANASIA THEY MURDER THEY KILL! DIETHANASIA THEY MURDER THEY KILL! DIETHANASIA THEY MURDER THEY KILL! DIETHANASIA THEY MURDER THEY KILL! DIETHANASIA (x10) From the Black House

Chicago based Aftermath, fronted by Kyriakos “Charlie” Tsiolis, formed in October 1985 when Charlie and his schoolmate Steve Sacco (Guitar) got together. This early incarnation with Adam (Bass) and Ray Schmidt (Drums) released their first demo in 1986 featuring "Sentenced to Death’," "Revenge," "Shotgun," and "The Aftermath." In 1987, they unleashed their second demo entitled Killing the Future featuring the tracks "When Will You Die," "Going No Place," "Chaos," "Meltdown," and "War for Freedom". The band pursued a mind-blowing speed and technical brand of thrash that soon set them apart from the pack and in the process made them a pioneering crossover thrash band. Aftermath has continued to receive critical acclaim as one of the major influences in the genre. The band was featured on pages 9 and 10 of Gary Sharpe-Young’s A – Z of Thrash Metal, available on Cherry Red Books. Twenty-five years after its formation, Aftermath’s music made its return in 2011 with the release of the Box Set 25 YEARS OF CHAOS on Area Death Productions and the vinyl When Will You Die on F.O.A.D. The reemergence of one of the most original thrash bands ever continued in 2014 with their decision to reunite for several concerts in 2015. Coming off their first show in 20 years at Ragnarokkr Metal Apocalypse in their hometown of Chicago, the band ripped the stage apart at Headbanger’s Open Air in Hamburg, Germany that summer. In the Fall of 2015, the reunion continued with the reissue of the band's debut Eyes of Tomorrow. With an expanded booklet and remastered by Paul Logus (Pantera, Steel Panther), Shadow Kingdom Records released the band’s debut along with bonus material. Following this release was the Killing the Future reissue on Divebomb Records. Once again Paul Logus remastered the tracks from their original source and created a wall of sound in the process. Killing the Future, along with the expanded booklet and bonus tracks from the band’s 1986 first demo, completed the celebration of the band’s 30th anniversary. In 2017, the band started writing the material for their new album, There is Something Wrong, an 11-song opus recorded by Chuck Macak and mastered by Ted Jensen. A concept record in the truest sense of the word, the album features a mix of old-school crossover thrash and technical/progressive metal, and is a commentary on what is wrong with the world today. A calling out of the masses to wake up and know the real enemy. The music is urgent, and the lyrics challenge the listener to seek the truth. The lyric video for "Smash Reset Control" visually depicts some of the topics covered on the album. The imagery and the striking red color in the video provide the perfect backdrop for the lyrics and music. Aftermath went back to its early days and revived its crossover thrash stylings on this powerful and ultra-fast song, but this track is only a sample of what the listeners have in store for them once they put on their headphones and listen to There is Something Wrong in its entirety. The band is currently writing and recording new music. AFTERMATH is: Kyriakos "Charlie" Tsiolis - Vocals Steve Sacco - Guitar Ray Schmidt - Drums George Lagis - Bass

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