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June 7, 2019 – Los Angeles, CA – New England post-hardcore band Actor Observer will kick off a summer tour in support of their latest album, Pareidolia, that’s available now from No Sleep Records. In anticipation, the band has debuted a brand new music video for a fan-favorite track, “Reuptake,” from the record. Tickets for the tour are on sale now!


“The “tortured artist” is an over-glorified trope. I hesitated for years on taking medication to treat my anxiety and depression because I feared that it would change me, that somehow being happier would make me less of an authentic artist or less of my authentic self. The song “Reuptake” is about that internal conflict while being on medication for almost 2 years. It was the first time in almost a decade I could say that I didn’t feel depressed, but it revealed a new problem. I realized so much of my sense of identity was wrapped up in my misery that I didn’t know myself without it. It made me reflect on how much our art and music community lauds the expression of pain and sadness more than the process of healing, and that struck a chord with me.” - Greg Marquis (vocals)

In case it was missed, Actor Observer made waves in the scene last fall with the release of their acclaimed new record Pareidolia.

“The record sounds like a collection of bursts of energy collected throughout the course of a brief real-life period. Everything got collected and put into this album. Rather than a focus on anger, sadness, or any other specifically overwhelming emotion, Pareidolia’s focus feels more like intensity—all-encompassing intensity.” -

Pareidolia is a heavy-hitter, both musically and emotionally.” -

“If you're into music with some deep seated feels and a wit for rage mixed in the batter, you're going to love your experience with this band.” -


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Since their formation, Actor Observer from Boston, MA has become a well-respected musical force throughout New England. Their dynamic sound and electric live performance are charged with a visceral sincerity and vulnerability that many audience members find refreshing in the current age of post-hardcore. The band’s new album, Pareidolia, is a genre-spanning LP exploring the personal empowerment and crippling insecurity of realizing that our reality is often only limited by our own perception. The record was produced by Kevin Dye (Gates, Owel, Vasudeva).

Actor Observer Tour Dates:

6/9   - New Haven, CT - Cafe Nine

6/10 - Amityville, NY - Amityville Music Hall 

6/11 - Montclair, NJ - Meatlocker

6/12 - Baltimore, MD - Sidebar

6/13 - Richmond, VA - Space Litter Records

6/14 - Charlotte, NC - Keg N’ Cue

6/15 - Nashville, TN - Rocketown

6/18 - Kansas City, KS - The Rino

6/19 - Des Moines, IA - Vaudeville Mews

6/20 - Chicago, IL - Uptown Gallery Cafe

6/21 -  Kalamazoo, MI - Shakespeare’s

6/22 - Fort Wayne, IN - The Ruin Bar

6/23 - Cincinnati, OH - Mad Frog

6/24 - Columbus, OH - Jimmy’s Ladder 11

6/25 - Lancaster, PA - Chameleon Club

6/26 - Albany, NY - Pauly’s Hotel

For More Information:

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