A conversation with HORSENECK and live review

HORSENECK members ANTHONY PAGANELLI and LENNON HUDSON are having a conversation with HardRockCore in Sacramento, CA at the awesome Holy Diver. They tell us what it’s like to finally have their new album, Fever Dream, out as well as the creative process, also give us a tip of being added to SWANFEST with fellow Sacramento band, DANCE GAVIN DANCE as well as their early influences and some inner sights into how Horseneck functions and a glimpse into how drummer JESS GOWRIE and guitarist/vocalist LANCE JACKMAN all help create the dynamic that is the mighty Horseneck as well as their unique song titles and be sure to watch the entire video for live footage from the show as well.

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HOLY DIVER – Horseneck / Kill The Precedent / Ghost Mesa / Dustin Burke / Eyes Eternal

Sacramento, CA


It’s a Saturday night and the location Holy Diver in Sacramento which continues to bring us amazing show after amazing show. Tonight, is a celebration of FEVER DREAM, the new album from locals HORSENECK who have brought together some great bands to share the stage with. First up was EYES ETERNAL who show promise and if they evolve as they have started out, they will gather a fanbase quickly as their sound is of the moment.

DUSTIN BURKE followed with his blend of rock n roll with a southern tip and dare I say there is a Nashville influence to the vibe he and his band bring to the stage. There is a swagger to his stage presence and soul to his vocals that when presented over the grooves prove his style was not lost in the crowd tonight, and in fact, he won many over. GHOST MESA was up next and this three-piece covered a lot of sonic ground with clean and distorted guitar tones as well as vocals that were clean at times then crossed into the realm of scream. Ghost Mesa just released a 4-song EP so please head over to your favorite steaming service to see what they have to offer. KILL THE PRECEDENT hit the stage next with their blend of industrial hardcore punk as their 2 singers were not on the stage but quickly secured a place on the floor to open up a pit for their fans to move around. I had seen these guys before and they have their sound down and believe in what they are doing.

But this evening was all about Horseneck with their 2nd album available on Friday and it has seen quite positive feedback receiving accolades from Revolver Magazine as well as BrooklynVegan. I have been listening to this album for a while now and it continues to get better with each listen. I was also able to have a conversation with LENNON HUDSON (bass) and ANTHONY PAGANELLI (guitar, vocals) before the show to discuss all things Horseneck. This show was sold out (see picture) and the energy was incredible. There wasn’t a space to be had in the crowd and I had to shoot from the side of the stage as opposed to in the crowd. Yes, there were that many people present. Horseneck is absolutely crushing live as the dynamics on the first single, PEN15 as well as on Happily Level Lafter and the moody Red Curtain (complete with guest vocal of JULES BEE of SEA OF BEES) has the crowd in a trance. The red stage lights along with projector images on their white backdrop and intermitted white flood lights add to the dynamics of their songs. This is a band, not to be missed!


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