A conversation with ANDY LAPLEGUA of COMBICHRIST in Sacramento at Holy Diver

HardRockCore had a conversation with ANDY LAPLEGUA of COMBICHRIST on Mother’s Day in Sacramento at Holy Diver. Many topics discussed and here are some key points for those who like to scroll...

1:15 Playing in San Francisco

1:38 This long tour and the following tours

2:24 Being away from home and missing family and animals

3:00 finishing an album in November, releasing in June

4:00 One Fire, a self evaluation

5:15 Dead Kennedys, Accept, and Helloween

8:08 Favorite Cartoon growing up

10:24 Crust Punk Band, find out the name here

12:20 Touring takes so much out of you

14:00 Andy’s ranch, a 3rd horse, and maybe an Alpaca?

16:40 Mental Health Awareness

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