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A Conversation with AMIR DERAKH of JULIEN-K

AMIR DERAKH of JULIEN-K, had a conversation with me, HardRockCore, to discuss what’s happening with the band as they just released HARMONIC DISRUPTOR. There is a bit of history with Amir as I first met him back in 97 after he had just recorded/produced the notorious 3-song demo from a then unsigned SYSTEM OF A DOWN containing the songs KNOW, WAR, and SUITEPEE. Also, he was just starting ORGY and this was a great conversation from start to finish and appreciate Amir very much!

Topics discussed:

- Filming at Amir’s house

- Ryan and Amir are neighbors

- The ORGY demo

- JULIEN-K and their concepts of their albums

- History of the band and collaboration

- Patreon

- A HardRockCore exclusive with a title of their next album, TRAUMA ECHOES

- Black Magic Cameras and live streaming


- The restaurant business (Ryan and Amir)

- DIO stories in the studio and sleeping at Ronnie’s house when Amir first moved to LA


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